The Faces Of Thirty On Tap: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About De & Kate


We couldn’t be more excited about launching Thirty On Tap this past week and we’re so excited by all the new readers and internet friends we’ve made in just a few days time! Thanks so much for reading, and we hope you stick around! We wanted to tell you a little more about ourselves, especially for all you new visitors out there. 

If you’ve visited the “about” page, you already know that De is a performer as well as a writer (currently writing mostly about Pretty Little Liars for Teen Vogue) and Kate is a yoga instructor and also a writer. But we wanted to give a little more insight into our personalities by sharing some random and fun facts. So let’s get started!

1. De has had the same favorite band for the past ten years (Motion City Soundtrack) and has seen them in concert four times.

2. In addition to living in 3 regions of the country in the Midwest, South, and Northeast, Kate has also lived in 3 of the 4 ‘I’ states, including Iowa, Illinois, and Indiana.

3. De is a bit of a hair dye addict and never has the same hair color for more than a few months in a row. Last year, she sported purple and pink dip-dyed hair, and is contemplating going turquoise this summer.

4. Kate was kicked out of her junior high study hall for being too social and had to attend a “special” smaller group session that was closely supervised.

5. One of De’s favorite movies/books is Lord of the Rings and she used to write fanfiction as a teenager (she can probably out-nerd most people.)

6. Prior to becoming a Personal Trainer and Yoga Instructor, Kate worked in Development for a Business School.

7. De recently got married and 75% of her wedding was completely DIY. She can teach you how to make centerpieces, escort cards, favors, and chalkboard art – as well as how to care for and treat glue-gun wounds.

8. Kate has run 1/2 Marathons in 5 states – Connecticut, Texas, Missouri, Iowa, and Illinois.

9. De has a scar in the shape of the Nike symbol from over-zealously opening a can of cat food for her childhood cat Mittens. Her parents hoped that this would mean she’d be a star athlete one day…does musical theater count?

10. When Kate was 3 years old, and Full House was in its prime, people often asked her parents if Kate was one of the Olsen twins.


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