15 Women on Daily Practices That Make Life Better

Daily Practices

 By De and Kate

We hit the streets (and by streets, we mean social media) to ask women about their daily practices that make life better. Here’s what they had to say:

1. “In addition to my normal prayer time before I get out of bed each day, I try and take a few minutes of quality time with our kids in the morning and after their nap. I sit between them while they watch cartoons and I just study them – How fast they’re growing, how long my son’s eyelashes are, how my daughter’s hair smells so good – I’m with them daily and look at them all the time but I try and have a moment during the day where I really see them. In the rush and busyness of daily life, it’s a quiet “momma moment” for me and I just stare at the beautiful children God has given us.” – Jolene

2. “Every day I try to start by meditating/praying. I use this time to sit and listen more than I make requests. I focus on gratitude. My husband and I read daily entries from our devotionals. I also practice yoga and walk our dog by the water. I spend my free time doing things that are good for the soul.”- Terry

3. “Each day I make it my personal mission to make my spouse laugh before I leave for work in the morning. It starts our day on a positive note.” – Christina

4. “In conjunction with my yoga practice, I have recently taken up mindfulness and meditation as way to relieve stress but also to become aware of my thoughts and what my body is telling me. This doesn’t always require me to be lying down in a completely silent room, emptying my mind and chanting phrases (read: not a séance). Sometimes all it takes is a phrase or mantra throughout the day to bring me back to positive thoughts or a different point of focus. This can be incredibly helpful when the day becomes crazy, or stressful situations arise. Something as simple as “breathe loving kindness in for myself”, and “exhale loving kindness out to others” can be grounding, and bring me back from the brink of wanting to scream obscenities at others. I also read and reflect on daily meditations from Journey to the Heart each morning as I sit down to my desk.” – Emily

5. “Every morning I read my kids a children’s daily devotional and it helps to put things in perspective in my life and in theirs. For those without kids, an adult devotional would work too. Or for those who aren’t religious, a short, uplifting read, such as an inspirational blog.” -Ali

6. “I drink an iced coffee. The first sip puts me into a zen state. Oh, and call my mom. Also – visits to the ocean!” – Alicia

7. “Each night before bed, my dad texts or calls my daughter to tell her how much he loves her and how proud he is to be her “Gaga.” My daughter responds by telling him the same in her own way. It’s our tradition that started when I first found out I was pregnant with her. I’ve saved hundreds of messages to put into a book someday for the two of them. I look forward to our goodnight texts every day!” – Sarah

8. “I find a way to always walk to the places I need to get to.” – Angela

9. “Our son takes a two to three hour nap each day. For the first hour, I do something productive. Then, I take the next hour plus to do something for myself. Usually I read a book, magazine, or blog, or I catch up on one of my favorite shows. No distractions. No one needs me. Just doing something by myself is wonderful. Oh, and I usually have a ton of chocolate too!” – Jenny

10. “Two things that make each day better are spending time with my dogs and starting and ending my day with a happiness planner which gives me time to reflect and appreciate my life. It’s been a game changer in setting an intention each morning and revisiting it every night before going to bed.” – Lauren

11. “Prayers of gratitude, walking the pup and COFFEE!” – Mindy

12. “Morning coffee in silence on the weekdays, and a second cup from Dunkins for a pick-me-up. Also – a sweat sesh in the gym, snuggle time with my cats, and dessert with a side of reality TV.” -Elle

13. “I like to get up early and just sit and chill for 45 minutes before I have to do anything else. I also like to use my Clarisonic with a really foamy cleanser before bed.” -Roberta

14. “Something I do every day is listen to either a great podcast or one of my favorite songs of the month on my way to and from work. It makes my commute relaxing and enjoyable.” – Gen

15. “I have 3 go-to practices – a few minutes of stretching each AM before I start the day, followed by a glass of Spark (my morning caffeine) ASAP, and using the mantra ‘I choose to enjoy this day’ when I feel myself getting stressed – It helps me recenter and be mindful of my experience.” – Kristin

In reading through these everyday happy practices we had an aha moment – the daily rituals that make life better aren’t elaborate or grand. They’re simple and shared. All of the women that weighed in savor one of these 5 common themes –

Quality time and connection with the people and animals they love.

Quiet moments free of distraction spent in meditation, prayer, listening to a podcast, or reading a book.

A sip or taste of their favorite AM and afternoon pick-me-ups (read: caffeine and chocolate).

Movement, through sweating it out at the gym, practicing yoga, or walking outdoors.

A focus on gratitude.

Tell us – What’s one thing you do on the daily to make your life better?

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