4 Characters From ‘Girls’ Who You’d Want As Bridesmaids (And 3 You Def Wouldn’t)


Season 5 of Girls premieres on HBO today (Sunday! 2/21!) and we’re not sure about the rest of you, but we definitely needed a quick refresher on what happened during the Season 4 finale (seriously, it was so long ago.) But within minutes of reviewing the finale, it all comes flooding back. Shosh might be moving to Japan, Hanna and Jessa help Caroline deliver her baby, and Ray finally tells Desi what he thinks of him: “You know how you feel when you watch Imagine Dragons play? Well, that’s how we feel about you.” (Best analogy ever.)

But, there are some big questions for this upcoming season (like, will Adam even be on the show?? and is Shosh really going to Japan??) but one thing’s for sure – we can’t wait to be reunited with these weirdos (and I mean that in the most lovingly way possible.)

We thought we’d celebrate the return of this epic girl-power series by breaking down some of our favorite – and least favorite (in the we-love-to-hate-you kind of way) characters. Keep in mind, of course, that one of the glorious things about Girls that makes it such a gem of a show is the fact that these characters are all flawed in several (sometimes major) ways. That’s what makes them ultra relatable and fun to talk about, right?

Anyway, here are 4 characters you’d totally want in your bridal party…aaaand then we’ll talk about 3 more that you probably would not:

1. Shoshanna


It might go without saying that Shosh is the number one pick for any bestie or wing-woman. We’d probably select her as our Maid of Honor, if we’re being honest. She’s fiercely loyal and blunt – she’d call you out if you were being a total bridezilla, and she’d also be quick to keep everyone else in line. If some of the groomsmen get rowdy and drunk at the reception, she’d be the one to put the fear of god in them. Essentially, she’s like Charlotte York in the SATC movie when she says to Mr. Big, “I curse the day you were born” – but she’s, like, a zillion times more intense. And she’s like that all the time.

2. Jessa


Hear us out on this one. Granted, Jessa has done some pretty awful things throughout the series (like the time she set Adam up with Mimi-Rose when he wasn’t officially broken up with Hanna) but when given a responsibility, she takes it pretty seriously. Additionally, as she proved throughout the fourth season, she can be extremely nurturing and caring when she puts her mind to it. She’d be the person to have around when you’re having a panic attack and worrying that you hate your dress (which, btw, all brides do this.)

3. Mimi-Rose


Sure, Mimi-Rose is a bit of a pretentious snob, but think of all the DIY craft projects she could help with! Her artistic flair and passion for creating things would make her the bridesmaid you could call and ask to come over to help you paint mason jars. Just make sure she doesn’t get too close to your groom.

4. Elijah


There is only one character from this show that we’d trust planning a bachelorette party and that is Elijah Moss-Bachrach. By the end of the night, someone would probably be missing, someone else could be in jail, and there would definitely be a lot of glitter – or paint – involved, but it would be guaranteed to be an amazing time. Plus, Elijah would help lighten the mood should any drama ensue.

And now for the characters who we’d keep as far away* from our bridal party as possible…

1. Hannah


Sure, maybe Hannah could help you out if you get writer’s block when crafting your vows, and she probably knows some cool local restaurants if you’re looking for a place to host a bridal luncheon, but…let’s face it. Hannah cares mostly about one person – Hannah. You know that there would be some drama that she would bring to the party – and suddenly everything would be about her. She’d be that one bridesmaid who doesn’t like her dress and whines about it, or starts a fight with another bridesmaid at the rehearsal dinner. No thanks.

2. Caroline


Although we love Gaby Hoffmann, her character Caroline is quite unpredictable. While it’s true that she is a pretty caring and compassionate person, she also is the most likely character to show up at any event either unprepared, underdressed, or under the influence. Maybe not the best choice for a member of your bridal party (although make sure you call her if you ever break up.)

3. Marnie


It should come as no surprise to anyone that Marnie is on this list, and we’ve saved her for last because she’s the last person we’d want to be hanging out with in the weeks leading up to a wedding. First of all, she’d find some way to turn any event – be it a bridal shower or bachelorette party – into a one-woman concert, and there’s also a good chance she’d flirt with your significant other. And if she were to get a record deal of some sort, she’d probably bail on you at any moment – even on the big day.

*Special note that we still love you, Hannah, Caroline, and Marnie. And perhaps we love you even more for being kind of terrible at times. ❤

Tell Us: Do you watch “Girls?” Which characters do you love – and which characters do you love to hate??