Fuller House: What Ever Happened To…?

Fuller House

Fuller House will finally air on Netflix this Friday, February 26 (#FBF) and I’ve got to be honest, the return of the Tanners’ might have me even more excited than if I were to find a box of Dunkaroos at the grocery store (sadly, this didn’t happen, but a girl can dream).

I still catch Full House episodes on Nick at Nite. And although I should probably be embarrassed to admit that, I’m not in the slightest bit. Because there’s something about the ‘you got it dudes‘,’cut it outs‘, ‘how rudes‘, ‘have mercys‘ and sentimental music playing in the background at the end of each episode that summons a sense of nostalgia. For that 30 minutes, the world seems a simpler place, and even the most dramatic of episodes (beer at a middle school dance?!) find resolution.

I’m sure there are spoilers revealing the answers to my Fuller House questions somewhere but I refuse to sneak an early peek. I’ve waited 20 years, so what’s another week? Here’s what I’m hoping will be divulged this season –

Where’s Michelle? And how’s her memory?

Will D.J. rekindle her romance with Steve? Viper? Nelson? (he’s got to be a billionaire by now) Deej quite possibly had the most eclectic taste in men that I’ve even seen.

Did Kimmy Gibbler end up with Duane? And has she made her way to Bath & Body Works yet to pick up some sweet smelling lotion for those stinky feet?

Have Uncle Jesse and Aunt Becky kept the romance alive? Perhaps even more importantly, is Jesse still obsessed with Elvis and his hair?

Did Danny and Vicky ever give their relationship another go? And if not, did things heat up again with Gia’s mom?

We’ll all find out soon enough. See you on Friday, Tanneritos!

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