5-Minute Style Guide: 5 Hair Tutorials For When You’ve Got No Time


Picture this- it’s Monday morning, you’ve already hit “snooze” at least 3 times, and you barely have time for your morning coffee, let alone washing, drying, and styling your hair. Your hair is probably messy, creased, and flat from not washing it on Sunday, so you’re still rocking the leftover of whatever Saturday night looked like. We’ve all been there.

Thanks to Pinterest, you’re not completely alone – there’s dozens of quick and informational tutorials that are available right at your fingertips.

Our number one tip though – make sure you have some trusty dry shampoo handy (see our recommendation for hydrating and cleansing dry shampoo here!)

We’ve rounded up 5 of the best quick-n-dirty hair tutorials on Pinterest that you can definitely master in under 5 minutes flat – no tricks needed.

1. Waves For Short Hair


The best thing about this tutorial is that the curling only happens in two sections, meaning it won’t take 3294308943290 hours to complete the curls. Tutorial and photo via Like The Yogurt.

2. The Side Braid


For longer hair, the side braid is the easiest and best way to hide the fact that you just did not have time to do anything to your hair that day. (We both have lobs right now, but when we were rocking the long manes, we pretty much lived in side braids.) Tutorial and photo via The Daily Makeover.

3. The Messy Top Knot


Isn’t it ironic, don’tcha think, that you’d take messy hair and make it messier? Regardless, we’re big fans of the top knot – paired with the right accessories (like an infinity scarf and some dangly earrings) it can look ultra chic. Tutorial and photo via Makeup Tutorials Dot Com.

4. The Hun


Fun fact: The Hun is De’s favorite way to wear her hair at the moment. The best thing about this half-bun hairstyle is the fact that it can be worn with almost any length of hair. You know that feeling when you try to put a bob in a ponytail and then half of it falls out? Well, with the “hun,” you don’t have to worry about it. Tutorial and photo via Cosmopolitan

5. Five-Minute Curls


This one is great for longer hair, which can be a beast to curl. The trick to this tutorial is putting your whole hair in a high pony first, and then curl the pony. It’s way easier than dividing your hair into a bunch of sections, and since curls hold better on day-old hair, it’s a win-win. Tutorial and photo via Kouture Kiss.

Tell Us: What are your quick hair tricks? Also, follow us on Pinterest for more hair and makeup ideas!

{featured image via unsplash}

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