What To Expect When You Get Your First Tattoo


So, you’ve decided to get a tattoo! Congratulations – welcome to the land of the inked.

It’s hard to know exactly what getting a tattoo is like until you actually experience it for yourself. You can ask your friends – or the Internet – but until you’re lying down (or bending over, or extending your foot in the air, or twisting yourself into whatever contortion you need to) on that table, you won’t really know. Continue reading

Choose Love


Like many others, we at Thirty On Tap have always been curious about the secret to life. Our eagerness to understand happiness and fulfillment has manifested itself in various ways, from reading articles and books on the topic to conversations with others. We’ve searched through spirituality, service projects, and any other path that feels like it might offer the answer to finding the golden ticket to what life is really all about.
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Treat Yo Self (On A Budget)


Here at Thirty On Tap, we’re big proponents of finding joy in the little things in life. Because as much as we love the occasional indulgence of an afternoon spent at the salon or a day spent shop-til-you-drop style, our wallets don’t necessarily afford or advise those to be on the reg occurrences. Not to mention, part of what makes that plush shampoo massage so glorious is knowing that it’s a semi-annual treat. Continue reading