Positive Vibes On Tap

Some days feel like they require an extra boost of motivation – to work out, to cook dinner, to step out of a comfort zone, to reorganize the closet, cupboards, pantry, makeup bag – or simply to get out of bed.

Lacing up the sneakers, stopping at the grocery store on the way home, trying something new, and even showering can sound exhausting. The whole idea of our future self thanking us isn’t always enticing enough to ‘go that extra mile‘, especially when the couch, wine, and reality TV await.

Our inspiration is ever changing depending on what we’re dealing with and working towards. One day, it’s the Pioneer Woman and her Triple Chocolate Cookies, the next it’s Karena & Katrina and their total body toning workouts.
When we’re feeling a little depleted or discouraged amidst the mean tweets of our world, we find inspiration in daily reminders encouraging confidence in and kindness towards ourselves and others.
Here are some of our favorite go-to quotes that keep positive vibes on tap in our lives –
Tell Us: What are some of your favorite quotes?
{Photo by Lidya Nada on Unsplash}

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