The Inner Dialogue Of ‘Thirty On Tap’

Inner Dialogue

Candid moment, the idea for this post came about while staring at the cabinets wondering if it’s acceptable to take evening vitamins with a glass of wine. To which we decided, yes, yes it is.

Like our looks, bodies, interests, and hobbies (i.e.,watching CNN by choice), our thoughts change with time. For proof, look no further than our Belieber post.

So, we thought it’d be fun to share some of the current thoughts (sometimes spoken, often not) marking this 30ish chapter of our lives.

At Starbucks…
Do I want hot or iced, hot or iced, hot or iced…?
I should probably just get an iced coffee.
Or a hot coffee.
Iced coffee.
Wait is that a new kind of Frappuccino??????
With a cookie straw???
Here’s my gold card!

At the mall…
Just how forever is Forever 21?
I officially like the same stores as my mom.
Why is underwear so expensive?
A&F is like a time capsule of the sounds and scents of my youth.
Came for running shoes, leaving with a cinnamon sugar pretzel.

On a bad day…
I need to go to my happy place. Where’s my Costco card and how close are we to Target?
Kinda want to go do something fun, kinda don’t want to see another person for the rest of the day.
I need to watch Ellen.
I just want to eat Pop Tarts in bed.

At the grocery store…
Okay, I’m just here for kale. Going to get the kale and go.
Ooh is that a new Oreo flavor?
I wonder if Annie’s bunnies are on sale.
Does this grocery store sell wine?

At work on a Monday morning…
There’s not enough coffee in the world for today.
Is it Friday yet?
How bout now?
Wouldn’t it be great if I had an office pet? Like a cat to keep under my desk and snuggle with?
Is it time for lunch?
Can I just take a break for a snack?
Why doesn’t my office have nap pods?

On Saturday night…
Is it worth putting a bra on?
What do we have DVRd?
There’s a House Hunters marathon on HGTV.

{featured image via pexels}