7 Things You Have To Explain To Your Boyfriend/Fiancé/Husband When Packing


Let’s be real: traveling is fun, but packing is not. Packing is literally the worst. There is nothing more anxiety-inducing than the thought of “What if I need that?! that arises when looking through one’s closet. Imagine being thousands of miles from home, and suddenly realizing that you did need those black wedges that you stupidly left on your shelf. We’re getting chills just thinking about it.

Traveling by yourself is one thing, but when you add a partner to that itinerary, packing suddenly becomes a joint effort. This is both good and bad. It’s good because there’s someone else with you who probably remembered the toothpaste when you forgot to pack it. It’s bad because every packing decision you make will definitely be scrutinized.

Being as De is currently on her honeymoon in Iceland, we thought we’d bring you an official list of 7 things that you’ll just have to explain to your boyfriend/fiancé/husband if you plan on traveling with him. Good luck.

1. “Yes, I really do need five pairs of shoes for a trip that’s less than a week.”


Duh. Hiking boots for hiking, flats for walking around the city, booties or wedges for casual dinners, heels for fancier dinners, and flip-flops because I’m not stepping foot into the indoor pool without them.

2. “The hotel hair dryer is for peasants.”


Unless you want me to take an extra 30 minutes to get ready every day, I’m bringing my high-speed, high-end hair dryer from Sephora.

3. “Of course I’m bringing an entire carry-on full of makeup and toiletries.”


Let’s be honest – what guys call “natural makeup” or even (lol) “no makeup” is actually 20 minutes of contouring and highlighting, so if I’m going to achieve that ~vaca glow~ every day, I need my bb cream, my cc cream, my dd cream, my bronzer, my highlighter, and all of my contouring brushes. And do you think I smell like flower petals by nature? It’s cute if you do, but it’s really this Victoria’s Secret body lotion which is too big for a carry-on so I’ll have to put it in our checked bag.

4. “There *is* a difference between these two hot hair tools.”


One of them straightens, and the other curls. And before you ask, yes I plan to bring both.

5. “I will literally have an anxiety attack if I don’t have at least one LBD to wear.”


Like the lotto – hey, you never know. Truly, one can never tell when an LBD-worthy occasion will pop up. It’s always better to be prepared, Lion King style.

6. “Day purses and night purses are a thing, and they are not the same.”


No, I can’t just use one bag for this whole trip. During the day, I need my water bottle, my chapstick, my sunglasses, my cell phone, and room to stuff my hoodie in there when it gets too hot. At night, it has to match my outfit.

7. “Btw, we will need to take a picture at every place we go.”


Can we take a selfie at the airport? Can we take a selfie at the other airport? Can we take a selfie in this Uber? Can we take a selfie at the beach? Can we take a selfie at the bar? Can we–

You get the idea.

Tell us: Do you get packing anxiety? How do you deal?

{Photo by Tucker Good on Unsplash}

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