Thirty On Tap: Contributor Application



Join Our Network Of Contributing Writers!

Read on to find out how.

*Note: We also accept submissions, so if you have a piece that is already done, please visit our Submissions page to send it!

 ContributING WRITER Application

Here at Thirty On Tap, we are growing a strong network of contributing writers. The ideal contributor is someone who is open-minded, friendly, enthusiastic, and passionate about issues that are relevant to millennials. Our contributors are an important part of the Thirty On Tap community, and we are excited to be building this site together.

If that sounds like you, please fill out the form below! If selected to be part of our Contributing Writer Network, you will be notified by email. From there, you will receive a list each month of topics, headlines, and angles that we are looking to run monthly. We can’t wait to hear from you! Please feel free to visit our FAQ Page for common questions regarding contributors & submissions.


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