Fashion Favorites: Workout Accessories


We all know how much of a difference the right (non-see through, fitted yet comfortable, breathable, sweat wicking) outfit can make in a workout. Forget spending half a class focusing on avoiding a wardrobe malfunction when we could otherwise be squatting lower, jumping higher, and exerting effort on the exercises themselves.

Once we’ve located the leggings we’d like to live in (and sometimes do), our next order of business is finding the accessories that take our WOD to the next level.

Here are some of our current favorite workout accessories for heading to the studio or gym, or perhaps going old school and popping in that Abs of Steel VHS (#tbt)

Workout Accessories

Feetures! Running Socks. We experience a bit of inner rage each time our socks slide from our ankles and end up bunching at our inner arch. Nothing kills our running mojo like having to untie our shoes and readjust. At that point, we might as well go straight for the post-workout smoothie. These socks stay in place and even have left and right markers so they can perfectly form to your feet.

Manduka Headbands. It can be tough to find a headband that’s secure and at the same time, not too tight. We love Manduka’s patterns and fit.

Gripper Gloves. While we’re all about hitting up the weights at the gym, we hardly need gloves that look like we’re heading into the ring against Ronda Rousey. These gloves provide the right level of protection and are easy to toss into the wash after wearing.

Loop It Up Mat Strap. Between the balancing act of carting around our shoes, jacket, headphones, water bottle, and bag, we’re especially grateful for our yoga strap.
It’s comfortable, convenient, and we’re less likely to awkwardly bump our mat into anyone and anything that stands between us and the studio.

Tell us about your go-to workout accessories in the comments section -or- tweet us your favorites @thirtyontap!

{featured image via Unsplash}