Choose Love


Like many others, we at Thirty On Tap have always been curious about the secret to life. Our eagerness to understand happiness and fulfillment has manifested itself in various ways, from reading articles and books on the topic to conversations with others. We’ve searched through spirituality, service projects, and any other path that feels like it might offer the answer to finding the golden ticket to what life is really all about.
Time and time again, we discover this: The secret to life is love.

The beauty in this discovery is that love is inherit in all of us. There’s no 12-step program, level of education, income, way to look, or be, to attain it. It already exists. Love is a choice, and through continually choosing it, life becomes more clear. Because where love is present, hate, judgment, comparison, and fear cannot flourish. And through love, joy, goodness, service, and gratitude prevail.

Love grants us access to connecting to ourselves and connecting to the world. It is a way of being that allows us to show up in the most powerful and meaningful way in our relationship with others and ourselves.

The decision to live our lives from a place of love and compassion extends into our experience as wives, daughters, sisters, friends, and human beings. In a world that sometimes feels just so full of hate, perhaps the biggest,  boldest, and most powerful decision we can make is to live a life of love.

Now, more than ever before, it seems important to choose love. Just to be kind to everyone we see, embrace those who are different from us – especially those who are different from us. It feels like every time we turn on the TV or pull up Twitter, there’s endless reports of hatred, or another law being passed that discriminates against communities of minorities. If we’re going to be the generation that does anything, anything at all in this life, we should be the generation that stands on the right side of history and supports one another.

So, in honor of this whole idea, we’re going to try a little better ourselves. It can start with small things, like holding the door open for strangers, or trying to be a little more patient in everyday scenarios. Maybe the woman pouring our coffee at Dunkin Donuts gets our order wrong because she had a fight with her son the night before. That sort of thing.

Isn’t it worth noting how small acts of kindness and love tend to go viral? A video of a woman being greeted at the airport by her dog, or a young boy helping an elderly woman – these are the things we end up craving because we’re so deeply immersed in negativity, day after day.

It begins with the small things. Only the most important change can come from something small.

Tell Us: What will you do differently?

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