12 April Fools’ Jokes That Won’t Get You Into Trouble


Ah, April Fools’ Day. The day that you can’t really believe anything that you see on the Internet, and also the day that some celebrity will fake being pregnant on Instagram and everyone will get mad. It seems like hardly anyone can take a joke these days, but here at Thirty On Tap, we hope that the April Fools’ gag isn’t entirely dead.

The number one rule of thumb when planning a prank is to know your audience. Some people can handle crazy pranks, and some can’t. We don’t advise going full Schmidt and Winston on someone who can’t take the heat. So here are some suggestions for pranks that won’t get you into hot water with your BFF / mom / significant other.

1. Tell your significant other that you won a year-long supply of an incredibly random product (i.e. ziplock freezer bags, Fanta, butterscotch chips, cornbread mix, etc.) See how long you can keep up the charade.


2. Reveal to your parents that you applied to go on a naked reality show (i.e. Naked & Afraid, Dating Naked, etc.) Your application is currently pending.

3. Announce to your co-workers that you’re quitting your job to open a queso truck. You know, like a taco truck, but it serves queso. (Actually, this is a great idea. Someone do it.)

4. Share that the biggest snowstorm of the season is headed your way. Props if you can create a fake weather info-graphic.

5. Tell people that you were an extra in the movie Oceans 11.


6. Dress up like it’s the 1800’s and walk around asking people what year it is.

7. Serve a bowl of M&M’s and Skittles mixed together.

8. Spread news about a Netflix Fresh Prince reboot.

9. Hide a cube of chicken bouillon inside the shower head and surprise your S/O with a chicken soup flavored shower.


10. The classic toothpaste-inside-Oreos prank can be given a makeover with mayo inside donuts if you happen to have a piping bag (or, y’know, one of those Ziplocks from your lifetime supply.)

11. Hide pictures of Nicholas Cage everywhere (or some equally random celebrity.)

12. Make an insect lamp.


Whatever you do, please don’t do this:


Tell Us: What are some of your favorite April Fools’ pranks?

{Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash}