Pretty Much Every Girl’s DVR Inner Dialogue


We’re almost out of the Winter woods, meaning we’ll soon be expanding our hobbies to include activities that involve willingly leaving the house on the weekends. But before we hit up hiking trails and ask to be seated on the patio at our favorite restaurant, we’re taking the time to document the months of January-March. In other words, we’re sharing our inner dialogue while watching quality TV. We bet you can relate.

Keeping Up With The Kardashians


They are eating salad in at least half these scenes.
They actually make salad look kind of good.
I wish someone would come do my hair and makeup.
Are those eyelashes real?
No, they can’t be real, right? Def not real.
Why do I watch this?
Oh good, there’s another episode on next!



Trebek is so smug.
Cut the small talk, let’s get to the categories.
How is there only a minute left?
Pick a category!
Pick a category!!!!
And we’re out of time
**Deep Sigh**

Fuller House

Fuller House

**Belts out the intro**
This is my happy place.
Between Hallmark Christmas movies and Fuller House, Candace Cameron Bure is living the dream.
I want to go to San Francisco.
Can this be real life? Wait – how has Uncle Jesse not aged? How have any of them not aged?

Live With Kelly & Michael


Her hair always looks so good.
Why doesn’t my hair look that good?
How do I become the trivia dancer?
We’d definitely be friends in real life.
I wonder what they talk about during commercial breaks.
Kelly’s definitely the hot mom at her kids’ school.

The Bachelor

the bachelor

Do all these people get their jobs back when they get home?
Are those their own clothes?
Does anyone do their hair and makeup?
What if you have to poop?
What’s a chicken enthusiast?
How did they get a hot tub in the middle of a desert/open field/mountain range?
She might just be crying because she has to leave the mansion.
Why does no one eat the food on these dates?
(Yes we know all of these questions are answered in Courtney’s book.)

House Of Cards


Do we like Frank?
Do we like Claire?
I think we do.
Wait, I’m not sure.
Actually yes we like them.
Is an Underwood 2016 presidency possible IRL?
I’d definitely vote Underwood over Trump.
Wait whatever happened to Cashew???
CASHEW 2016.

Hollywood Medium


How does he do this?
Do you do home visits, Tyler?
I wonder what would come through for me.
Like, would I be able to contact my dead childhood pets?
Wait how did he not know who the Lawrence brothers were?
Oh because he’s like a baby.
And probably never watched Boy Meets World.
That’s the tragedy right there.

Tell Us: What goes through your mind when you watch your favorite TV shows?

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