Currently: April 2016


Last month, we launched our first post in an ongoing series featuring our favorite trends, tastes, and finds.

We’re back today to share the current life loves that we’re clicking on, checking out, and baking up. 


I Side With. As the presidential election approaches, I Side With offers quizzes that identify how your beliefs match those of the current candidates. While we like to think that we stay in the know on the race to the White House, I Side With provides an in-depth look at all the issues we’re passionate about following.

Zayn Malik | Mind of Mine. It was pretty smooth of Zayn to release his debut album Mind of Mine on the one-year anniversary of his split with One Direction. Not going to lie, we are totally into his solo stuff – and if you weren’t sold, perhaps his performance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards this past weekend might get you there.

HBO Girls. This season of Girls on HBO is literally killing it. We weren’t sure what to think about this season when it started, with Shosh far away in Japan, Marnie marrying Desi (blech) and Hannah being…well, Hannah. But the past couple of weeks have solidified it: Girls is an icon. If you don’t watch it, you should binge all four full seasons in a weekend.


Retail Me Not. Before we make any online purchases we head over to Retail Me Not and check out the deals for that day. More often than not, we click our way to free shipping or saving 20% on our order. Enter coupon clipping in today’s world.

Paintbox NYC. If you live in the NYC area and can afford a gel mani every once in a while, you need to check out Paintbox. They offer a menu of unique designs that changes with the seasons, and their Spring 2016 lookbook is amazing.


Homemade Granola Bars. Thank you, Pinterest. We appreciate the ease of tossing a chewy chocolate chip granola bar in our purse, desk drawer, and gym bag (hanger is real, y’all) but we can do without the 2019 expiration date and extra additives. Lucky for us, there are some amazing and easy homemade recipes, like this one, online that make our afternoon snacking feel a bit more health friendly.

Mojitos. We don’t really care that it’s not summer yet; the weather is sort of starting to change (with the exception of this week, as it snowed in the New England area.) Mojitos are the best because they can be delicious in their classic form, or spiced up with fruit.

Tell Us: What are you currently loving?

{featured image via Unsplash}