Cheers! Cooking With Beer Recipe Roundup


Sometimes, things in the universe just seem to align.Whether you call it fate, destiny, or coincidence, it happened today. Enter Thirsty Thursday (aka nostalgic homage #tbt to our college days) and National Beer Day. Cheers!

If you’re more of a traditionalist, perhaps you’ll simply be cracking open a cold one come 5 o’clock. In case you’re looking to celebrate in more ways than one, we’ve got you covered with this cooking with beer recipe roundup.


Cheesy Garlic Beer Breadsticks

This deliciousness, courtesy of Handle the Heat, is perfect for the non-beer enthusiast who still wants to get in on the celebration. Let’s be real, bread and cheese are the ultimate dream team pairing.


Beer Cheese Soup

New England has been all kinds of hot and then cold these last couple weeks, and while we’re once again patiently(ish) awaiting warmer temps, we figure we might as well take advantage of what we’ve deemed soup weather with this 30 minute beer cheese soup, via The Wanderlust Kitchen.


Beer and Pretzel Cupcakes

This sweet, salty, and spiked cupcake combo from Sweet Tea & Saving Grace looks like something we’d see on Cupcake Wars and we’re digging it.

Beer & Honey BBQ Skewers


For non-vegetarians, these chicken skewers are the perfect compliment to any grilled dish. Beer and honey work together as a savory and sweet combination. Recipe and photo via Jo Cooks.

Soft Beer Pretzels


Who doesn’t love a big soft pretzel with lots of salt? These would be perfect for dipping in honey mustard, or, of course, cheese. Recipe and photo via Lady Behind The Curtain.

Guinness Chocolate Cake


If you’re not into Guinness (and that’s okay, a lot of people aren’t) you’ll at least probably be into this chocolate cake made with Guinness. This would be the perfect use for dark stout beer that’s left over from a party. Recipe and photo via The Hungry Housewife.

Tell Us: Do you ever cook with beer? What are some of your favorite uses for beer in the kitchen?

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