10 Reasons Your Pet Is Your BFF

photo-1455145914126-c357157e2db0Happy #NationalPetDay! We think it’s important to honor our pets every day, if we’re being honest, but it’s nice to have a specific day carved out of the calendar for our fur babies.

Pets undoubtedly hold a special place in our hearts. Sometimes it can feel like they own us, and not the other way around. But there’s certainly nothing wrong with feeling like your dog or cat is not just your pet, but actually your best friend. (I mean, there’s a reason why dogs are called man’s best friend, right?)

Here are 10 ways you know that you’ve found your soul mate / other half / BFF4E4E in your furry little snuggle-buddy:

1. Your pet never judges you.

Fluffy isn’t going to tell anyone that you just polished off an entire sleeve of Oreos. After all, if given the opportunity, Fluffy would probably eat 7 cans of Fancy Feast in a row.

2. Your dog won’t insult you if your singing voice is terrible.

Bones doesn’t complain. Bones understands. Bones will sit patiently while you sing through all three verses and choruses of “Let It Go” and won’t say a word if you miss that last high note.

3. Your cat tells it like it is.

We all need that friend who will speak up when you’re being annoying – it’s that friend who keeps you in check. Your cat only tolerates your BS for so long before she will lash out with a swipe or a bite. It keeps you honest.

4. Snuggles. Warm snuggles.

There’s not much else to be said about that. WARM. SNUGGLES.

5. Your pet is a built-in activity partner.

Okay, maybe this one only applies to dogs (I mean, have you ever tried to take your cat on a walk?) But when all of your friends are busy, and you can’t seem to convince your S.O. to go on a hike with you, your dog will never tell you that he’s “too tired” or that he’d rather binge-watch Netflix in sweatpants.

6. Pets never complain about your cooking.

You could burn the hell out of that piece of toast and your dog will still beg for it. You may have put too much salt in the soup, but your cat will probably jump up on the counter and try to sniff it anyway.

7. They keep all your secrets.

You know how sometimes you are just DYING to spill that juicy secret but you swore that you wouldn’t tell a soul? Or you know that if you confess to that ONE thing it would ruin you forever? Sometimes just speaking it aloud helps. And your pet is there to listen.

8. Pets make great conversation practice partners.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a fake conversation with yourself in the car or in the mirror. **Raises hand** If you’re gearing up to launch into your break-up speech (or your proposal speech, or your speech demanding a raise) you can always practice with pups.

9. Pets don’t give up on you.

Real people sometimes suck. Sometimes people let you down. They break your heart or abandon you at the worst times. Let’s be real, people are the worst. Animals, on the other hand, are the best.

10. They simply make you feel less alone.

Somehow, the sight of our pets just make us feel better. They remind us that we have a purpose, that we have love to give and that we make someone’s world complete. As that cheesy quote says, “Your dog is only part of your world, but to him, you are his whole world.” And that, my friends, says a lot.

Tell Us: Why do you love your pet?

{featured image via unsplash}