Real Life vs. Onscreen


If you’re anything like us, you’ve spent your fair share of TV time fantasizing about what it would be like to wake up with perfectly styled hair (no alarm necessary) and to have your morning coffee miraculously awaiting your kitchen entrance. But alas, our messy topknots and non-robotic caffeine sources serve as our ongoing reminder, onscreen life hardly equals real life.

And while we love watching reruns of Friends and SATC, we can’t help but laugh (and sometimes sigh) at the alternate universe of on camera vs. behind the scenes.

On the weekends:
Real life: I had two margaritas and passed out on the couch last night. Now it’s 6 a.m., I’ve emptied the cabinets in search of Aleve and I’m already mapping out my mid afternoon nap. I might eat pancakes this morning (if someone else makes them).

Onscreen: I went to the bar last night and had to be carried home, but I woke up still looking like a goddess this morning. I’ll probably head out for a 5k in a couple minutes. And yes, my sports bra and shorts will match.

Kelly Kapowski.gif

In conversation:

Real life: Can’t think of anything to say. Case in point, “So, do you like burritos?”

Onscreen: Banter. Quick paced and quirky banter.

Case in point:
Lorelai: My mother – she was here. I can feel it.
Rory: Grandma hasn’t been here.
Lorelai: Smell that?
Rory: Smell what?
Lorelai: The room – it smells like guilt and Chanel No. 5


At home:

Real life: Wash that gelato container when you’re done, we’ll use it as Tupperware.

Onscreen: Matching anthropology mugs for days.


Eating fast food:

Real life: I spilled ketchup on my shirt first bite. We need to stop and buy Tums on the way home. PTL, I wore pants with an elastic waistband. Raise of hands, who wants to roll me out to the car?

Onscreen: Orders every greasy dish on the menu and then takes a 12 mile hike around Central Park. In a pencil skirt. And heels.

Kate Hudson.gif


Real Life: I’m working 12-hour days, barely have time for lunch, and somehow am not making any money and my student loan debt seems to be going up.

On Screen: Somehow my writer’s job allows me to buy 489304820394023 pairs of Chanel shoes.


Tell Us: What aspect of life is portrayed so ridiculously in movies & TV? 

{Photo by David Preston on Unsplash}