10 Ideas For Your Next Game Night

Game Night

Last week, we shared some of our favorite ways to spend Friday evening and purposely left game night out of the mix, simply reasoning, it deserves a post all its own. After all, we’ve been chanting the tune “one more game” and designating holiday get-togethers as sibling vs. sibling Pictionary throw downs for as long as we can remember.

Here our are picks for when you’re craving a little friendly (or not) contest.

Alone Or With Others

House Hunters Drinking Game. Thanks to this gem, even the laziest of Saturdays can turn into a competition. Well, competition is a bit of a stretch when all it really requires is that you take a sip of your mimosa anytime a property has “potential” but you get the point.

House Hunters.jpg

2+ Person Games

UNO. Get ready to shuffle, because UNO can go on. And on. And on. That being said, the longer you play, the better your chance of gaining a big lead and bragging rights.

Crazy Eights. We view this one as more of a sideshow than the main event. It’s perfect for when you want to play cards, have a show on in the background, and enjoy your chips-n-dipaka multi-tasking at its finest.

Kings In The Corner. The same way you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, you shouldn’t judge a game by the website on which it was discovered. Regardless of whether or not that website is geared for grandparents. Enter your new favorite card game here.

Scrabble. Scrabble somehow feels like the educational board game equivalent of watching Jeopardy even when you look down and the majority of words are in the 3-4 letter range, ie: zen, bed, and milk.

Yahtzee. Or should we say, YAHTZEE! Because that’s still how excited we get when a handful of 6’s appear on the table. Side note, you must pair it with Root Beer Floats. Additional side note, all these games have us making up new rules. Root Beer Floats are optional.

Heads Up. Because, let’s be real, does Ellen DeGeneres create anything that we don’t love? It’s a $1 app and more than worth the money.


4+ Person Games

Rook. If you’re adding a new game to your weekend lineup, let it be this one. The rules and strategy are a bit more complicated than those of your typical card game, upping the competitive factor and fun.

Charades. Oh hey, summer camp. Although you undoubtedly played this game as a child, we like to think that it’s even more fun as an adult. Perhaps that’s just the cocktails that accompany our acting skills talking.

Cards Against Humanity. Politically incorrect in the best way possible. We’ll leave it at that.

Tell us: What’s your all-time favorite game? 

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