8 Pastel Hair Looks You’ll Want To Try This Summer


As warmer weather finally approaches, it’s understandable if you get an itch to switch up more than your jacket and shoes. Considering most people tend to wear lighter colors in the summer (and embrace pastel nail polish) it makes sense that you might want to don a paler hue on your head as well. 

Going pastel is no small feat though. It takes lots of patience, willpower, and bleach (especially if you’re starting with a head full of dark hair.) Also, keep in mind that your pastel mane will likely fade quickly (the more you wash it, the faster it will fade) so make sure you think about what type of muted color will be left over. (Often, it’s an ashy grey, which is super ~chic~ now anyway, so you’re in luck.)

One last word of wisdom (and take it from me, who has real life pink & purple experience to talk from) – please, please, please don’t do it at home. Don’t fall for any Kool-Aid hair tutorials you may see on Pinterest. Just hire a professional, mmkay?

Here are 8 pastel hair looks that you’ll definitely want to replicate as the summer creeps closer:

1. Rose Gold


More than just a jewelry statement, rose gold is about to be your new favorite hair look. It’s subtler than an overt hot pink or fuchsia, and chicer than baby pink. You’re welcome. Photo via Go Feminin.

2. Holographic Tones


It’s okay if you don’t understand how holograms work, and if they just seem like magic to you. This hologram-inspired hairstyle is pretty much the same level of wizardry. Photo via Stay Glam.

3. Fifty shades of (lavender) grey


Purple is cool. Lavender is cooler. And lavender with a hint of grey is pretty much the highest level of “cool girl” you can possibly achieve by changing your hair color. Photo via Elite Daily.

4. Silver


Forget #GrannyHair – the latest trend is sleek and metallic, and almost entirely white. Enter silver hair, which can basically turn you into the female version of Anderson Cooper. Photo via Color.Head.Tumblr.Com

5. Melon


Somewhere between strawberry blonde and pink, you will find this fabulous shade of melon. Raise your hand if you want a lollypop after looking at this photo! Photo via Her Campus.

6. Rainbow


If you’re going to go the pastel route, why not go big or go home? This multi-color rainbow look is perfect for the most adventurous of all hair dye seekers. Photo via Buzzfeed.

7. Pale blue


Let’s be honest, we all would love to be mermaids. In fact, some of us probably feel like we were mermaids in a past life! So, what better way to feel like a mermaid than with blue locks – to match the ocean, of course. Photo via Emi Unicorn.

8. Cotton Candy


Have you ever had hair so delicious that you could want to eat it? This cotton candy ‘do might actually inspire you to lean in for a sniff – or at least head to the nearest carnival. Photo via @iamlazykat | Instagram.

Tell Us: Have you ever gone pastel? How’d it turn out?

{Photo by Don Agnello on Unsplash}