Good Things Take Time

Good Things Take Time

Thanks to Google, 60 second microwaveable cake mugs, our counter top Keurigs, and gel manicures, we’re all about efficiency. If we want answers, we quickly search them on our smart phones and if we want a cup of jo while we’re briefly waiting, done. Instant gratification is no doubt a luxury.

And while we love the quick cycle on our washing machine, quick email response from a coworker, and quick checkout lane at the grocery store, we can’t help but wonder if all our expedited processes are providing us with unrealistic expectations in life.

In her song, Automatic, Miranda Lambert shares this sentiment in one line alone, “When everything is handed to you, it’s only worth as much as the time put in.” No matter how many times we wish we could simply click refresh and have a new page in life appear, the proverbial beauty is in the journey.

It’s natural to want things, and to want them now. We’ve all been on the waiting end of a prospective job, potential relationship, pending move, squad roster, or customer service call. And it sucks. And it’s purposeful.

Good things take time.

In acknowledging that, we can focus on accepting the process rather than resisting it. In the time spent otherwise waiting, we can appreciate the morning sun as it rises, tackle each daily task with precision, be present in our conversation over dinner, and savor each bite of dessert, knowing this day will never come again.

The phone still won’t ring any faster, our answers won’t be found any sooner, and the self checkout line will remain as long and slow as usual.

Certain things will happen. Others won’t. And the best things may take longer than we wish, ultimately making them all the sweeter when they do. In the meantime, we’ll be doing our best to stay in the now.

In the comments: How do you stay focused and grateful in the present moment while waiting for things in life to occur?

{featured image via Unsplash}