Three Major Advantages To Moving To A Big City


By Jana-Lynn

While suburban and country living allows for a slower, peaceful, and more relaxed pace of life, sometimes you just have to take that big leap and move to major city to enjoy all the hustle, bustle, flashing neon lights, and 3am post-party shawarma and bubble tea food adventure. City-living often creates an exciting, exhilarating, and entertaining space to enjoy many amazing cultural, lifestyle, and financial opportunities. Check out some of our favorite reasons to live in a big city below.

1. It will open your world to different types of cuisine.


One of the major calling cards of living in a large city is cultural diversity. Cities filled with different racial and ethnic groups tend to have a lot of interesting and enchanting things to offer, such as cultural festivals, street fairs, shops, and restaurants with food from all over the world. It’s like traveling in your own back yard!

So pull out the Yelp app and try out the Burmese, Moroccan, Turkish, Japanese, Haitian, Columbian, and Nigerian restaurants in your neighborhood. Stop by that local Jamaican eatery and enjoy a piping warm plate of brown stew chicken with a side of rice and peas. It’d be a great opportunity to also expand your horizons and learn something new about all the various types of cultures our planet has to offer.

2. Say hello to endless entertainment.


My favorite part about living in a major city is definitely the seemingly boundless forms of entertainment and socialization. From free Kizomba classes and city-wide pillow fights, to summer music festivals and community gardens, to running clubs and mid-week parties to beer & wine festivals – not to mention limited-run Jean-Michel Basquiat and Keith Herring museum exhibits – there is something to cater to every taste under the spectrum.

And, if you’re willing to be a bit brave and step out of your usually preferences, you can probably discover new joys, hobbies, and amazing people! It’s a great place to encounter more and really come into who you are.

3. You’ll learn to Embrace public transit.


While there are certainly many perks to owning a car, insurance, maintenance costs, and parking tickets can be a total buzzkill. One of the great benefits of living in a big city is that most boast expansive bus and train systems that run at affordable rates and flexible hours. So, instead of having your nerves frayed while listening to talk radio and enduring 45 minutes of traffic every morning and evening, you can use convenient public transportation to save money.

Plus, you can also enjoy the leisurely things of life like reading, browsing through work emails to better prepare for you day, enjoying random street performances, and running around your city with ease. And – bonus – you can probably ditch the gym membership since you’ll be walking and exploring a whole lot more!

Tell Us: What do you like about living in your city?

{featured image via unsplash}