#TBT: 8 AIM Away Messages You Definitely Used In High School


Let’s be honest – for as much as we’ve advanced in terms of technology and social media, there really isn’t anything as golden as AOL Instant Messenger – or, more fondly named AIM. Sure, there’s iChat on our MacBook Pro laptops, but let’s get one thing straight – nothing will ever, ever, be as satisfying as hearing the creak of the “door opening” sound, signifying that someone has signed online on your Buddy List. (Or, you’d hear the cash register sound if it were your crush.) Before the Snapchat story, before Instagram likes, we would explore our creativity with colorful Buddy Profiles, animated Buddy Icons, and, of course, the infamous Away Messages. 

Truth be told, none of us regularly used Away Messages to signify we were actually away. For the most part, we used them when we were signed online and either nearby or even at our computers. It was the 90’s/2K version of trying not to seem too available.

Away Messages weren’t really supposed to tell people where you were – they were supposed to keep people guessing. They needed to be a delicate combination of witty and flirty (especially if you were trying to get your crush’s attention.) And, if you were currently in a fight with your friends, your Away Message might certainly ride on sassy – Away Messages were the original subtweet.

Here are eight of the most typical Away Messages that we all used back in high school:

1. Those Avril Lavigne Lyrics.


If it wasn’t this song, it was definitely “Complicated.”

2. Maroon 5 was able to perfectly capture your emotions.


For when you were hoping your crush would fix everything that was wrong in your life.

3. Dashboard Confessional was your lyrical bible.



4. A list of random dates and initials.


Well, random to everyone except your besties who understood and “got it.” Duh.

5. When you discovered Fall Out Boy.


“Omg, this band just, like, gets me.”

6. Those John Mayer lyrics to sub-away-message every one of your frenimies.


Peace out, high school. Only 5 more weeks until gRaDuAtIoN!!

7. That “naughty” shower one.


I’d like to know who started it, and why we *all* thought it was a great idea to copy.

8. Those New Found Glory lyrics, guaranteed to get a million “omg what’s wrong???” IMs.


“Nm just had a fight with my mom.”

Tell Us: What do you remember about your AIM Away Messages?