Mindful Traveling – Without An Itinerary


By Rachel Drinkwater

The idea of heading to a new place with no idea of what there is to see and do – and no plans – will undoubtedly make a lot of people feel very uncomfortable. We all have the friend who plans their travels with military precision and the one who has everything planned in a series of color-coded spreadsheets. Maybe it’s not your friend, maybe it’s you. Five years ago, it was definitely me. Continue reading

10 Ways To Be A Good Contributing Writer…And Make Editors Love You


As women who have spent the past few years hustling to make writing more than a hobby and more like an actual side-gig, we’ve learned a thing or two – and we’ve also grown a lot since we first started writing. No one is perfect, and we’re certainly not claiming to be. We’ve made mistakes – a lot when we were first starting out, and we still make mistakes now. We’d be lying if we said we didn’t. But the important thing about mistakes is learning from them – and we certainly have.  Continue reading