The One Story About My Mother That Never Fails To Make Me Laugh

By De Elizabeth

I fully support holidays that honor specific types of people, even if they’re made-up Internet holidays like National Best Friend Day (which, let’s admit, solely exists so you can picstitch pictures of you and your bestie and them plaster them across social media.) But regardless, despite the fact that we should always honor the people in our lives, sometimes we forget, and it’s good to have a reminder, even if it’s coming from Hallmark.

It is truly too hard to pick just one memory about my mom, because a zillion things are rushing to mind right now.

I could write about coffee and bagels at my favorite restaurant in my college’s town during senior year because my mom started teaching at a nearby college that same year.

I could write about watching five or six Gilmore Girls episodes in a row when I was home for breaks, or how I felt sad when I moved to my first apartment after graduation.

I could write about how she taught me to “savor the moment” and appreciate small details, and how we looked forward to the tiniest of vacation moments: drinks by the pool, a special dessert, beach afternoons.

I could say that she specifically chose a career that allowed her to be home when my brother and I stepped off the school bus every day, and she always remembered to buy Goldfish crackers (the Parmesan flavor) because they were my favorite.

Or that she always drove me to auditions, even when they were super far away, and even when we got the time wrong for one and had to kill the entire day at a mall, she was cool about it.

She allowed my brother and I to eat dinner while watching TV on some nights, and some of the best evenings as a kid were spent at our little red table in the living room, watching Doug or Rugrats.

At some point, between high school theater rehearsal carpools and college move-in, she transitioned from just my mom to one of my best friends.

So, I could totally write about any of those things, but instead, I’m going to write about this:

When I was home from college on a break, I accompanied my mom to the grocery store. A group of younger high school boys were lurking by the vending machines, being loud and obnoxious, thus earning an annoyed glance from me. Obviously, I was much cooler and mature and therefore entirely justified to roll my eyes in their general direction. I was in college, and they were in high school. Hanging out at a grocery store. How lame.

One of them caught me looking and shouted loudly, “Hey! Are you checking us out?” Either he mistook my scowl of disdain for one of intrigue like the peon he was, or he was just trying to irritate me further. (Judging by the fact that they were spending their evening hanging out by vending machines, I’d guess the former.)

Before I could even say a word, my mom turned to them with her hands on her hips and said, “Oh yes. As a matter of fact, I was. You are all very handsome young men.” She and I continued on our way out, leaving the teenage boys laughing uncomfortably out of surprise and embarrassment. Probably nudging one another, which seems like a teenage boy thing to do. I couldn’t decide whether to be embarrassed or impressed.

I decided to be impressed, for it was definitely a Mom-win. It was the exact sort of thing that my Mom would always do – stand up for me, help me out, and be hilarious all at the same time.

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This post was originally published on De’s personal blog, De-Lightful.Com.

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