5 Ways You Can Save Money At The Grocery Store


By Fadila Henry

Budgeting, while not everyone’s favorite word, is crucial in helping us manage our finances efficiently, so we’re able to get a lot more out of our money without selling ourselves short in the long run. Unlike make-up and handbags, we need food to live, so even when we’re suspicious of the large amounts we spend on groceries, we tend to overlook it because it’s food, it’s for our survival! Luckily, this is an area where a few small changes can make a difference to our cash flow and can instill some healthy shopping habits in our lives. So here’s a few tips to get you started.

1. Go shopping on your own.

Company is great, but company at the store is not always beneficial. The more people you have along with you while grocery shopping, the more likely there will be unplanned, out-of-budget buys. If you don’t live alone, include your roommate or family members by sitting down with them on a Sunday and planning your meals for the week ahead but leave them at home when buying the goods.

2. Skip the pre-cut/pre-washed items.

We know how exceptionally convenient it is having your lettuce pre-washed and your cheese pre-sliced for you – when you’re in a hurry these little things make a big difference – but these items generally cost double or even triple the regular price, and this isn’t because it’s better quality. You’re essentially paying extra for someone else to do what you could do for yourself for free. So opt to wash your own veggies and grate your own cheese instead.

3. Buy a few frozen meals or pizzas.

You are only human, and the urge for a pizza dinner  in the middle of a stressful week is a normal (and delicious) human craving. So do treat yourself by buying one or two frozen meals in your weekly shop and give yourself a “dining out” experience that is kinder to your wallet and is healthier than ordering in.

4. Where possible, substitute protein.

Meat, poultry and fish make up a huge chunk of the omnivore’s diet and being one myself, I know how hard it is to go without them for too long. Rather than cutting down your protein intake, why not consider alternating weeks where you swap them for a vegetarian protein like chickpeas, lentils, beans or eggs. This way, you get the benefits of protein with a sweet saving on the side.

5. Pay with cash.

Now, this is excellent for those of us who really struggle to stick to a budget. Arm yourself with your grocery list and withdraw the exact amount of cash you intend to spend. Leave all other forms of payment at home. You definitely won’t be tempted to make any unnecessary purchases because you won’t have the means to pay for them. Hardcore, but highly effective.

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