Full Moon Guide: May 2016 | Honor Your Truth and Be Still


By Amy Johnson

Welcome to the Full Moon Guide, a new monthly column that we are debuting at Thirty On Tap! Each month, we will share advice and tips for success, based on the moon cycle of that month. Read on to find out what’s in store during this month’s full moon!

Each full moon carries an energy and a connection with its new moon, often bringing us to a renewed focus on relationships.

As a new full moon’s energy surfaces, it becomes apparent that relationships are affected in often broad strokes and always relate to critical aspects of our lives. We can never have too much information on the the big questions of why and how.

While the last full moon was all about facing dark pockets of angst and unrequited open wounds, if we looked within and began discovering the core truths, we should now begin stepping into clarity.

As we spring forward into days of longer sunshine and warmer weather, it seems that we are intersecting perfectly with the new full moon’s energy. With May 21’s full moon approaching, the uncomfortable energy experienced from the last full moon, paired with the ever-exciting Mercury Retrograde we are currently facing, will combine to bring any unresolved issues to surface.


The May full moon is known as the Full Flower Moon (adapted by Colonial Americans by way of Native American Algonquins).

Mercury Retrograde, occurring from April 28 to May 22, is the time in which Mercury appears to move backwards against the stars and sky. During this timeframe, communication tends to break down and misunderstanding is often experienced. Travel may become problematic, and any lingering issues may also reappear.

May do’s and don’t’s

Do: Examine your feelings This is a time where the cliché “feel to heal” rings true.

Don’t: Involve others in this inner examination Although the feelings are flying, this may not be a good time to air out the laundry.

Do: Spring forward into the new. It’s a great time to put extra focus and work into new personal interests during these longer and warmer days.

Don’t: Agree to long term commitments and projects. May’s energy will highlight any uneasy feelings. What may seem annoying or even stressful in tasks and projects has the energy to boil over and become confrontational. The eye roll of a friend who needs to be in charge will grind every trigger right now.

Do: Listen to instinct regarding your needs and those close to you. As this full moon energy disperses in the end of May and early June, you’ll be in tune with intuition and will have a clear connection to your emotions, which are reliable under this moon.

Don’t: Have deep conversations involving decisions, relationships, sex, or anything highly emotional. With the full moon, combined with both Mercury and Mars’ Retrograde, there is an abundance of deep personal clarity and decision making at an individual level. However, there is a firestorm of misunderstanding and emotional warfare swirling when it comes to involving others in this time of clarity.

What else can I do?

This is a perfect time to do some inner searching. Clarity will bring resolve to any lingering confusion. You may have new waves of insight, tempting you to start pulling those close to you into these realizations. Instead, use this time to build a strong connection to your own light and truth. Utilize this as a time of self-discovery. Write, meditate, plan, and set goals. This is a time of inward travel and eventually, the time will come for communication and action. Be still right now.

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