5 Products To Keep Your Hair Flawless This Summer


By De Elizabeth

Summer is (finally) on its way. But along with sunshine, opportunities for tanning, driving with the windows down, eating dinner outside, and cute rompers comes the actual heat. And when there’s heat, there’s sweat. And frizz.

Luckily, in this bright day and age of 2016, there are many products on the shelves guaranteed to help keep your hair shiny and frizz-free, despite the rising temps. Here’s some of our favs.


1. Frizz Shampoo by Living Proof

This shampoo boasts a “healthy hair molecule” which blocks out humidity better than most silicones and oils. Its makeup allows you to not wash your hair as often, and it stays clean for several days. 8oz for $25 or 24oz for $59 | LivingProof.com

2. Hair Serum by David Mallett

This serum does triple duty by repairing split ends, smoothing frizz, and adding mega shine. Bonus – it smells like almonds. $80 | TheLine.com

3. Full Repair Touch-Up By John Frieda

Although this looks like a mascara, it’s actually for your hair. The tiny applicator will fit in your purse, and perfect for those long days out in the sun without any time to refresh for the night out. $35 | Amazon.com

4. Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil by Bumble & Bumble

This can be used before blowdrying to prep your hair for frizz-free style and shine, or after drying as a finisher to tame flyaways. $40 | bumbleandbumble.com

5. MO2000 Professional Series Dryer By Moroccanoil

Here’s the truth – you need a high-end hair dryer if you really want to avoid frizzy hair. It’s a fact. The technology in this dryer helps you avoid static and leaves your hair shiny and frizz-free. It boasts three heat settings and two speed settings. $240 | moroccanoil.com

Tell Us: What are your favorite products for de-frizzing your hair?

{featured image via we*heart*it}