7 Things That Always Happen When You Shop At Target


By Amy Johnson

Target is a super-center, the one stop shop for all we think we need for life, and mostly what we never needed. From the Starbucks at the walk-in to the impulse buys at check-out, it’s always an…experience. Here is a list of what always seems to be the ‘real’ shopping list whenever one goes to Target.

1. You will lose track of time.


I have learned never, ever walk into Target in a hurry, especially with my best friend, my nine year old daughter, or – the full afternoon killer – both. No one knows how many hours it will be until crossing the finish line, i.e. the other side of those giant red balls that perch curiously in front of the store. I don’t even consider myself done when checking out, because if I didn’t grab that quadruple caramel macchiato walking in, I surely will when leaving.

2. You will never buy just “one thing.”


Always grab a cart, because there is no such thing as grabbing one thing. Haven’t we all learned the hard way when we had to run back for that cart once our hands were filled up?

3. It will make you want to start “extreme couponing.”


Shopping at Target is an event that can send those coupon cutters info a frenzy as soon as they walk in.. You know what I’m talking about – those $2/$3/$4 bins. Standing there, I debate for five minutes deciding if that flowered apron is really worth $4 when you know I would buy it in a heartbat if it were $3. It’s funny how the mind works, because that extra dollar is a deal breaker in the beginning of this excursion, but later $39.99 jackets get thrown in the cart without too much thought.

4. If you’re with a friend, it will start as a social hour. Emphasis on “start.”


Usually when shopping with my friend, we stick together in the beginning, as it’s still a social shopping event . We’ll stroll through makeups and toiletries, reminding each other of what we asked each other not to forget on the way there. We’ll congratulate each other on how economical we are being because we aren’t in Ulta spending $40 on Bare Minerals.

5. You’ll get the urge to redesign your entire household.


Once in the home décor section, we always find ourselves in angst over the $40 pictures that we don’t have a spot for, and the blankets that are just so much softer than the ones we have at our homes. I can’t help but just throw things in the cart, weakening to those “Wanderlust” canvases.

6. The ladies’ clothing section is essentially the holy grail.


The clothing section basically takes up the entire middle of the store, and there seems to be six new seasons a year here. This is where the social shopping ends, as we have entered the land of two-for-$9 tanks that we already own twenty of, but our black one is fading and the white one isn’t gleaming white anymore. In order to rationalize the $36 skirt, I make my way to the glorious red-tag rack, which is always a spot of mixed feelings. Elation at finding a shirt for $9.20; but also seeing something now red-tagged that I just bought last trip.

7. The impulse purchases will get you every time.


Finally it’s time to review every carefully chosen item. Every time, I stand in front of the store and do the, “Do I really need this?” song and dance. The final cut. TBH, I don’t cut too much, like ever. But if that $4 apron made it in the cart before, I’ll cut it now, and standing in the checkout that is somehow a victory in my mind. And it will totally warrant that Eos lip balm that I’m going to throw in there instead.

Might I add, this is only the trip to the department side of Target. I would never make it home if I grocery shopped too.

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