Is It Wine O’clock Yet? – One Stay At Home Mum’s Love-Hate Relationship With Wine


By Jaclyn Lindsay

It’s 8 p.m. on a Tuesday evening and I’m currently drinking green tea, how healthy of me.

I’m not going to lie, I have a bottle of Malbec in my kitchen, and a little voice inside my head is trying to convince me to open it.

Today I’ve made breakfast and dinner and I’ve done the school run. Only, the car is out of commission, so technically, it was the school walk.

I spent 40 minutes in the post office attempting to sort out passport application forms for my family of four, visited my mum for lunch, shopped, went to the bank, finished a load of laundry, tackled several loads of dishes, dealt with one diaper explosion, and managed roughly, a thousand toddler tantrums.

According to the pedometer on my phone, I’ve taken 13,541 steps and burned 377 calories in the meantime.

This is a regular day for me, minus the steps taken, without access to my car – which leads me to wonder – why am I not visibly skinnier after all of this walking?

It’s safe to say that I’m exhausted after being on-the-go all day, and sometimes, a glass of wine is exactly what I feel I need to unwind.

I’m not fussy – red or white, sweet or fruity, sparkling or dry – just get in my glass, already!

And yet, here I am, drinking green tea.

I come from a long line of – shall we say – “social drinkers”. My parents have always enjoyed a tipple in the evening, as alcohol wasn’t a big deal in my household growing up. And when I came of age, I experimented, becoming more than merry on more occasions than I care to remember, or frankly, can remember. You get the point.

But, as any parent will tell you, your life changes once you have children. Gone are the days of drinking to excess, knowing that I can sleep it off in the morning. I now have two kids, who, hangover or no hangover, will wake me up at 6:30 a.m., demanding to be fed, clothed, and generally requiring my attention – none of which is easy with a pounding headache and cotton mouth.

So what’s the logical solution here? Stop drinking altogether? No. Only drink on the weekend? No. Only drink for the pleasure of it? Yes!

I assessed my relationship with wine, and made a few changes to how I approached it. I decided to stop thinking that a long day should be topped off with a glass of wine. I don’t need wine, I want wine.

When I drank out of necessity, or the feeling that I deserved it, I generally didn’t stop at a glass or two. I’d reassure myself that my day was difficult and I was simply unwinding. But I’d wake up the next morning with a much more difficult day ahead, as it felt that I had a marching band playing ‘Stars and Stripes Forever‘ in my head.

When I drink for pleasure, I pace myself, I enjoy each and every sip. I may still get a bit merry at times, but I wake up fresh and ready to tackle the day ahead, instead of groggy and ill.

I feel fortunate that I can enjoy what I consider to be one of the great pleasures of life without always over-indulging, but if I couldn’t, I wouldn’t hesitate to stop drinking altogether.

I think my love-hate relationship with wine has finally matured, and I feel better for it.

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