How The Well-Intended Idea Of “Innocent Until Proven Guilty” Is Now Perpetuating Rape Culture


By De Elizabeth

As soon as the news broke about Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, the response of the Internet was almost predictable.

Some flocked to support Heard. Others took to defend Depp. And amid both sides, there was the cutting voice of doubt masquerading itself as logic – the ones spouting: “Well, we don’t know anything yet. She could be lying. And in our country, it’s innocent until proven guilty.”
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I Stepped Away From My Toxic Friendship – And You Can Too


By Casey Reagan

Before going off to college, I let go of my best friend of 12 years. She didn’t like that I had made other girlfriends, and jealousy was not a trait she covered nicely. Her little green monster came out in blatant, passive-aggressive, and sarcastic insults. The damage done on my confidence, and the innocent bystanders I was developing a healthy relationship with, forced me to decide – is this worth it? Continue reading