How To Accessorize When You Have Tiny Wrists


By Becky

Ever since I can remember I have “suffered” from tiny wrists.

I mean we aren’t talking slim, we are talking an eight year old girl’s wrists on a 30+ year old woman! Frustrating is an understatement, and I think until you experience it, you just wouldn’t understand the issues us boney wrested people go through. Things like bracelets and watches just don’t fit and although I love the fact that the oversized statement pieces are back in fashion, they just look silly on people like me.

I guess then it’s sort of weird that I have a ~huge~ obsession with watches! Maybe it’s because I spend so much time searching online for watches that might fit or have the types straps that you can either take all the links out of. I have been known to create new holes in leather watch straps just to make them fit my bloomin’ wrists, to the total horror of my friend who almost cried when I began hacking my latest purchase to make it fit. I don’t do this all that often, but I don’t really have much choice if I want to wear certain watches.


So for me, it’s easier to go with the watches like the one pictured above. This makes it so much easier to take out the links, plus, I can take it down to the jewelers who will do this for me – so, no more hacking bits off myself.

Generally, the watches that have the link straps seem to be more expensive than the leather straps, which is annoying, but after searching online until all hours in the morning ,I have found some really good and highly discounted companies.

One of my favorites is an American company called the DiscountWatchStore. They have a HUGE collection available from your standard Casio watches to others like Michael Kors and Bulova. All of these have huge discounts on them PLUS they also take offers on their products so you might be able to get it even cheaper! I don’t know any other company (other than Ebay) that allow you to make offers! And, just to make sure you feel like you aren’t getting ripped off, they even provide an authenticity guarantee on ALL their watches.

In my mission to find the perfect watch for my tiny wrists, I have really come to love all styles of watch but I really like to wear men’s watches. I know that probably sounds backwards as surely men’s are much bigger to begin with; however, I do find that with men’s watches, there is a much bigger choice of link straps. And, let’s face it, I like how they look with outfits. A nice pair of skinny jeans, a slouchy t-shirt and a black leather jacket seem to love being paired with men’s watches.

Becky is part of the Contributing Writer Network here at Thirty On Tap. Apply to be a Contributing Writer by clicking HERE

{featured image via we*heart*it}

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