#TBT: The All-Star Lineup of 90s TV Families


By De & Kate

Having grown up during the 90s, we know we’re likely to always have a bit of nostalgic bias for the fashion trends, snacks, movies, and TV shows during that time. After all, TGIF was more than just a mumble sleepily murmured as we rolled out of bed on Friday morning, it was our livelihood come Friday night. Assuming our parents ordered us a cheese pizza, the pre-widescreen TV set to ABC was all we needed for 2 full hours of entertainment.

We didn’t just find interest in 1 character of our favorite shows, we fell for the whole family and often wished we could jump onset and join in the drama and fun. As in, we wanted to pull a Kimmy Gibbler or Steve Urkel and adopt ourselves into the Tanner and Winslow families.

Here are the other 90s families rounding out our original squad goals:

The Spellmans

The Spellmans

2 aunts, their niece, and a talking cat. Sabrina, the Teenage Witch was a bit on the non-traditional side and we loved it.

The Lamberts

Step By Step

Enter the modern day (and by modern day, we mean 25 years ago) blended Brady Bunch. This show always made having a big family seem so entertaining.

The Taylors

Home Improvement.gif

Because was there anybody hotter than JTT in the 90s?

The Banks’

Fresh Prince

Signs you grew up in the 90s: 1) you still know all the words to the Fresh Prince theme song. That’s all you really need to know.

The Tanners


I mean…who wouldn’t want a cheesy pep talk every afternoon?

The Darlings


Even though Ferguson was a real pain in the ass, there was something cool about that family. Maybe it was just Clarissa’s bedroom window. Who knows.

The Matthews’


We definitely would have enjoyed having Eric as an older brother – it was like guaranteed entertainment, all of the time.

The Funnies


Even though Judy was a bit of a weirdo (case in point, see above) there was something totally endearing about this family. Remember Mrs. Funnie’s job as the manager of the Deja Vu Recycling Center? Um, greatest name ever.

The Macks


Any family (or at least sibling) that’s cool with someone turning into a walking science project is okay by us.

Tell Us: What 90s family do you wish you could join?

{featured image via pexels}