7 Takeaways From A Month(ish) Of Daily Meditation


By De & Kate

We often hear about the benefits of meditation and how practicing it regularly can positively impact our lives. While we’re all about improved concentration and anxiety reduction, we’re also quite skilled at creating excuses for why we don’t have time to meditate, and regularly find ourselves in favor of doing it later rather than doing it now. 

At the beginning of May, we set out to see the effect that a daily meditation could have on our lives, with each of us committing to 10 minutes of practice for 31 days straight.

Here’s what we discovered through our collective 620, or, if we’re being honest, more like 590 minutes of meditation.

Appreciate Simplicity

Sometimes it takes stopping something entirely to realize just how much of a habit it’s become. In our case, that habit is multi-tasking. While we appreciate the ability and efficiency of prepping dinner, catching up on our DVR, and keeping a group text going all at once, it often feels like our regular mode of being is overdrive. We found that there’s something to be said for closing out the multiple tabs of our mindspace and fully focusing on the task at hand.

Be Present

With simplicity came presence. Or perhaps, with presence came simplicity. Either way, by becoming more mindfully aware of the present moment, we noticed the things we otherwise may overlook. And in doing so, we felt a newfound appreciation for the little things in life, like the sound of the birds chirping outside and the comforting scent of our favorite candle.

Reframe Perspective

So many aspects of life seem urgent. We often feel the need to return phone calls and emails quickly, run errands immediately, and map out the month ahead. In order to take the time to meditate daily, we first had to overcome the nagging feeling that something else needed to be done. There is, of course, a time to do, and think, and plan. But, we also believe that there’s time to simply be, to observe, and listen, and enjoy the life happening around us.

Quiet the chaos

There’s an awful lot of background noise in our daily lives. When we give that noise too much attention, it can become exhausting. Sometimes it’s good to push that noise to the side and focus on our internal monologue. Or focus on nothing at all.

Problems Have Solutions

Sometimes it seems like all of our problems are endless, like we’re never going to figure out the answer. And maybe we won’t figure it out right away, and maybe there are some pro/con lists to make. But when we find ways to quell the anxieties that often come along with problems themselves, we’re able to see them more clearly – and see their solutions.

Happiness Is Optional

When you get in touch with your true inner self, you may find that you’re not always happy. And that’s okay. Sometimes your inner self is grumpy. Sometimes your inner self is sad. You may find that meditation doesn’t always lead to light-heartedness and a big smile; it doesn’t have to. It’s okay to feel things other than happiness; you’re only human. Embrace whatever emotions you’re feeling.

Tomorrow is Another Day

It’s okay to have a bad “today.” Today doesn’t always have to be perfect. Don’t dwell on things that are behind you; move forward with purpose. Decide that tomorrow will be better.

Tell Us: Have you ever meditated? Has it worked for you?

{featured image via Unsplash}