16 Things Only Long Distance BFFs Understand


By Marie

Happy #NationalBestFriendsDay! While it’s important to celebrate our besties every day of the week, it’s also nice to have an excuse to do it extra today. 

Of course, not all BFFs are in the same geographical area code – or the same time zone. If you and your bestie live on opposite sides of the country (or world) it might be harder to keep in touch. However, hard does not equal impossible.

Here are 16 things ALL long-distance BFFs understand.

1. Different time zones are difficult to work with – but you *always* know what time it is for them. 


2. Not always seeing each other can be a downer, but thank goodness for social media. 


3. A Skype session has one person drunk and the other barely waking up, but makes for a funny story later.


4. You like and comment on every tweet, status, and picture they post because you love seeing what they’re doing.


5. You send each other snaps all the time of stupid little things just because you can. 


6. You get jealous of people in photos with them or doing things with them because you’d love to be there.


7. Planning time to get together takes time and money but is well worth it. 


8. When they’re in town, you drop everything to be with them.


9. When something goes wrong you try your best to comfort them and wish you could be right beside them. 


10. Sometimes there is a time lapse between messages but it’s always understandable. 


11. Yet, in dire situations you’re able to get an immediate response as if they know something is up. 


12. Getting a response on whether or not something looks cute can take time, but you know their honesty won’t fail you.


13. You’re always the last one to like or comment on something because everyone else got to see it first while you were asleep. 


14. There’s no separating the two of you when you’re together. 


15. You can act completely ridiculous in videos you send to each other and not care. 


16. No matter what, you have each other’s backs. And no distance can ever separate you.


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Photo by Bruno Gomiero on Unsplash