10 Gems Of Witchy Inspiration For Your Closet And Home


By De Elizabeth

We’ve come a long way since the days of the Salem Witch Trials. Now, and partially thanks to AHS: Coven, witchy vibes are  so *in* right now, even though the aforementioned Season 3 of American Horror Story has been over for several years. It doesn’t seem like this trend is disappearing any time soon.

If you’re looking for an explanation about the history behind the witchy fashion trend, here’s a great one. It would seem that the witch trend today is less about witchcraft itself, and is more about the freedom to believe what you want, embracing nature and its energy, and choosing to live a free-spirited lifestyle. With that, it’s a trend that’s pretty easy to get behind.

The witchy trend is not just limited to your clothes and jewelry – there are so many ways to decorate in this style within your home. Here are 10 pieces of inspiration that will send you running to your closest spirituality shop, stat.

For Your Closet


This flowy sheer dress is perfect for summer and almost doesn’t need any accessories to stand out. Photo via Pinterest Buy on Koogal.com


This dress is perfect for your sultry witchy moods. The slits up the side are super sexy, and we love the look of the long dangly necklaces to match. Photo via Pinterest.


Kimonos with fringe are the perfect option for a day that’s too hot for a jacket, but too cold to just wear a tank top or sleeveless dress. Photo via Pinterest / Buy on OASAP.com


Hats are literally everything when it comes to witchy fashion. Pair your favorite flowy dress with your equally floppy hat, and you can’t go wrong. Photo via Pinterest.


These rings are perfect for when you are just feeling yourself. Photo via Haus Witch – buy here!

For Your Home


Gypsy Warrior is one of the best resources for witchy clothes, accessories, and home decor. Let others question what’s really in your mug. Via gypsywarrior.com


We love how these moon pillows nest inside one another, adding the perfect je ne sais quoi to your bedroom. Via Etsy.


The Ouija Board is a staple of our childhood, and is kind of a quintessential symbol of witchy’ness. Check out this candle on Etsy.


We think the moon cycle definitely has something to do with our state of being. You can get this adorable moon phase mobile on Etsy.


To achieve balance in your home, opt for these candles that represent the four elements. Via Etsy.

Tell Us: What do you love about witchy fashion?

Photo by Muhammad Haikal Sjukri on Unsplash

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