To My Fellow Citizens: We Need Love, And We Need Change


By Jillian Stacia

The world has been a hard place lately.

Every time I sign on to Twitter or turn on the news, it feels like I’m bombarded with another tragedy. More bad news. More injustice. More hatred. More pain. More fear.

It’s overwhelming. The problems of this world are large and blaring and just too much. The pain. the grief, the confusion. It’s hard and intense and startling and frustrating. Why does this keep happening? How can so much horror exist in the world? In this country?  Continue reading

6 Things To Keep In Mind During Your First Yoga Class


By Kate

Feelings of intimidation often seem to accompany stepping into a yoga studio for the first time. Regardless of how many classes I teach or take, I can still remember how out of place I felt during that first practice. As the instructor tossed out words like ujjayi and supta baddha konasana, I anxiously looked around the room and wondered if anyone else was experiencing the same feelings of culture shock that I was. Half my sweat was a byproduct of the 90-degree room, but I’m fairly certain the other 50% was due to pure feels of ‘wth is happening right now?’ Continue reading