#TBT: Don’t Tell Mom – 90’s Shows & Movies We Watched On The DL


By De & Kate

Picture this – you’re in your bedroom, or at a friend’s house at a sleepover, watching that show you know your mom would kill you for watching. You’ve got the volume down low, and you’re ready to jump into action at the slightest indication of footsteps in the hall. You know the drill. We dedicate this piece to all the 30-year-old women who can still remember the thrill – and slight panic – of watching these shows and movies with remote in hand, hovering the ‘last’ button at all times.

Dawson’s Creek


The second the words “I don’t want to wait for our lives to be over” rang through our TV sets, we locked the door and set the volume to low. So much teen angst that went so far over our heads, yet we were glued to the screen. Because, well, James Van Der Beek and Joshua Jackson.

The Real World


Retrospectively, the title of this show may be our favorite part considering how extreme every aspect, from the casting to the weekly sex and violence infused drama, of the series was. Or perhaps we should say, is, as it appears that the series is still happening. Did anyone else know this? We thought it went off the air shortly after our mom blocked MTV from our cable subscription (true story).

Singled Out


Aka, the speed dating version of The Bachelor. Meaning, if it ever makes a resurgence, we’d still be willing to watch. Rule of thumb, all shows starring Pamela Anderson and Carmen Electra were off limits, and therefore, watching them felt all the more rebellious.

Cruel Intentions


This was probably the most scandalous movie from our adolescence. The hard R rating speaks for itself. We definitely held a viewing party at our friend’s house knowing we couldn’t risk its title showing up on our parent’s Blockbuster account.



There were so many things wrong with his movie – and by wrong, we mean oh-so right. From the prank resulting in death to that scene when Rose McGowan literally had **whispers** sex while her dead friend was underneath the bed, we definitely had to hide this one from our ‘rents.



We probably overheard one of our classmates talking about South Park, and then had to watch it. We were able to convince our parents initially because it was a cartoon, but just five minutes into one episode, they made us turn it off.



Watching this movie was so meta. We were essentially Jim, hiding from his parents, while hiding from our parents, watching Jim hide from his parents. Ouch. That makes our heads hurt a little.

Tell Us: What movies do you remember watching in secret?

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