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Full Moon_June

By Amy Johnson

Full moons always bring about focus on relationships, as each full moon has an energy, and a connection with its new moon. As you become familiar with energy and each full moon, it will become apparent that relationships are always a main theme.

Last month’s full moon was focused on clarity within and finding true self through insight and self honesty. As the astral energy of June’s full moon comes upon us, we are beginning to step into expanding that clarity. It’s all about action – knowing what you want, feeling your feelings, and taking the steps to do it. Walk away from painful people and situations when you have seen that it is unhealthy and not changing. Follow through on what that intuition has been telling you, all the clues, inklings, and coincidences. This is the universe guiding you to your path. Take the trip that someone mentions or that you bookmarked as a maybe months ago. If that seems too big, start with a workshop at a favorite local hub, call that friend who seems to be appearing everywhere in memories, or take a sick day and just stay in and pamper yourself.

The Details:

Known as the Full Strawberry Moon by ancient Algonquin tribes; this was when they knew to gather fruit. June’s full moon also falls on Summer Solstice. In a physical sense, this is the longest day of the year, and the turning point from increasing sunlight to downturn all the way through winter solstice. The combination of full moon and solstice creates a peak of vital energies, which create intense and vibrant passion.

June Do’s and Don’ts:

Do: Take a trip. Whether a long distance vacation, a weekend trip, or a day around town or the city, you should get out this month.

Don’t: Delay a trip. That means not scheduling it for next month, or even further down the road. This is a time of action and the sense of adventure and timing aren’t going to be the same. The time is now!

Do: Express yourself. Wear that new shirt that isn’t your normal style, but caught your eye; try a new eyeshadow, hairstyle, or just go over the top glam for a night out.

Don’t: Evaluate yourself. This month is all about the now! You’ve spent quite a while looking within and taking notes at what you see, and now it’s about doing it, being it, speaking it. Be yourself.

Do: Start opening up. Be vulnerable to those who are in your life. Speak up about what has been bothering you, or perhaps inspiring you. Clear communication is at an all-time peak right now with the energy flowing.

Don’t: Start hooking up. With the height of energy, passion, and clarity that is sizzling in June, you may set yourself up for reckless behaviors. With an influx of energy comes the easy ability to make impulsive mistakes that you pay for later.

What can I do?

Simply, live with confidence. Make hard decisions from the nagging gut feeling you’ve had for a long time. Take (safe) risks; open up about what your soul wants. Drive 300 miles to see a band, or spend the night at the beach. Have ice cream for dinner with your kids and stay up too late in a fort. And make sure to keep a journal throughout it all.

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