The 9 Best Meryl Streep Gifs Of All Time


By De Elizabeth

Of all the female celebs who currently ~*slay*~ there’s only one who is the QUEEN of slaying. And that is none other than Meryl Streep. 

Meryl can do no wrong. She is one of the greatest actresses of all time (um Sophie’s Choice anyone?) and also hilarious (Devil Wears Prada.) She can sing (Into the Woods), dance (Mamma Mia!), and legit transform her face (The Iron Lady.) It’s no surprise that Meryl has been one of our all-time favorite celebs, and considering her birthday is this week (June 22), we thought we’d pay homage to her in the form of gifs.

Here are the 9 best Meryl gifs of all time, for all of your gif-needing purposes:


To be used when: Someone is royally pissing you off but you can’t say anything about it.


To be used when: You’re being pervy.


To be used when: You’re feeling old AF.


To be used when: You’re really feeling yourself.


To be used when: You are ready to ~*mingle*~


To be used when: Someone says ALL the things that you’re thinking.


To be used when: It’s Friday night and you just just just just got paid!


To be used when: You’re here for the fight.


To be used when: You’re feeling like a total BAMF and you just pulled the most epic mic drop.

Tell Us! Why do you love Meryl Streep?