8 Celebs Who Will Always Be Our #WCW


By De and Kate

When it comes to celebrities, there are some who we will always love, no matter what. Through the ups and downs, bad press and good press, stylish outfits and the “What the !@## are they thinking?!” outfits – we just can’t deny our love for these ladies. Here are 8 celebs who will forever and always be our favorite girl-crushes: 

1. Shay Mitchell

Not only does Shay slay on Pretty Little Liars each week as the fiercely independent and awesome Emily Fields, she is also amazing and inspiring IRL. From her style to her confidence, we’re obsessed with Shay.

2. Lady Gaga

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Thank you god thank you music

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We cannot get enough of Lady Gaga – her music, her message, and her style. Not only is her music amazing, she is also a feminist role model and a source of support and comfort to so many of her fans.

3. Vanessa Hudgens

After stealing our hearts in High School Musical, Vanessa continued to prove her awesomeness on screen and on the stage. Who could forget how she dominated Grease Live – literally hours after suffering a tragic family loss? Vanessa will always be a Wildcat in our eyes!

4. Beyoncé

No #WCW list would be complete without Queen Bey. There’s not much else to be said besides she is everything, always, ever, all the time. Beyoncé was a staple in our childhood and adolescence when she was part of Destiny’s Child, and she continued to make an impact on us throughout our adult life as well.

5. Taylor Swift


Say what you will about Taylor, we are forever and always going to be members of her fan club. We think that she embodies a lot of strength and resilience, and is a great role model for young girls, passing along the message of live your life the way you want to. Plus, we’d give anything to be part of her girl gang.

6. Jessie James Decker

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Feeling peaceful

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Thank you, E! for the introduction to this gem of a lady. Hair envy aside, we love that Jessie James Decker always keeps it real, showcasing a fair share of her everyday life moments. She’s all about mom life, wife life, and her own life, advancing her music career.

7. Lauren Conrad

The Hills premiered on MTV 10 years ago (side note: how old do you feel right now?) and we’ve been admiring LC from LB since. While reality TV provided her original ticket to fame, she’s evolved so much more since. Author? Check. Designer? Check. Girl Crush? Check.

8. Jenna Dewan Tatum

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Happy holidays from the Tatums!

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We’re pretty obsessed with this couple as a whole, but let’s keep it about Jenna here. She rescues animals and can bust a move like literally no other. The girl is gorgeous, hysterical, and kind hearted.

Tell Us: Who’s your forever #WCW?

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