7 Brides On Their Do Again and Do Over Decisions


By De & Kate

A wedding is a celebratory, beautiful, and exciting event.

And parts of wedding planning mirror that same positive, love emitting energy.

That being said, the details of the day can feel overwhelming, with so many advice articles on timelines, invites, etiquette, and when, where, and how much to spend.

While there’s no determined right or wrong way to wed, most ladies who have tied the knot look back with a familiar hindsight is 20/20 feeling and can quickly offer the day of decisions they’re glad they made, and the ones they’d make differently if they were to do it all over again.

Here are 7 brides on their do again and do over wedding day decisions:

Do Again:

One thing I’m so glad we did is limit how many flowers we bought. Flower prices are OUTRAGEOUS and as pretty as they are, and I just couldn’t justify spending thousands of dollars on them.  The only flowers I got were my bouquet, bridesmaid bouquets, flower girl petals, and mother corsages.  I made my own centerpieces.

Another thing I’m so happy we did was add a video package to our photo deal.  For me, this was a MUST.  The pictures came out beautiful but the best part of the package was the video for sure.  It came out amazing, and we laughed and cried reliving our wedding.  We also got a great deal on a photographer using Groupon! We figured all photographers have the same digital software now, so we did not want to spend a fortune.  Our photographer was very cheap and everything came out incredible. – Jen

I’m glad we didn’t stretch out our engagement. We were engaged in May and married in October. It was a bit of a challenge finding a dress in that timeline, although it ended up being perfect as I found my dream dress as a sample. (The dress was cheaper than the alterations!) It was long enough to fit showers and celebrations in, but not too long where it consumes your life and everyone around you.

If I were to do it all over again, I’d still be involved but low maintenance.  We had a tropical theme and a vision, but didn’t need to see 28 different versions of palm fawns to achieve it. I’m glad that I was able to go with the flow. After our reception, a few friends and family members walked to the hotel next door because their bar was still open. We decided to join them rather than head to our suite – we found the band we originally wanted was playing and more family and friends showed. It was our reception part 2 and was so much fun!

Lastly, I’m happy that we spent money on what was most important to us and were thrifty in other areas. Open bar, check. Photographer, check. Killer band, check. All day spa and glitz? Nah… My friend is a hairdresser and her gift was to come to my parents’ hotel room and our venue and do all of our hair. We had football on, while we ate sandwiches and had a few beers/bubbles before. It was so much fun! Best menu available for the guests? Nah, a fun, casual buffet was nice. No one remembered the food. They all talked about the rum punch and the band and family and friends.  –Kim

Our wedding was not religious. It was at a courthouse that I actually appear in almost daily in front of a Judge that I look up to like a mentor and almost father. Having someone perform that ceremony that is special to us made that day even more amazing. My wife was gracious enough to agree to have the Judge perform our ceremony and I think that’s because she knew how much he meant to me. Hopefully that made it special for her too. If not, well that’s just another reason she’s the best.

Be selfish and think about you and your spouse. Selfishness is a negative quality of mine that I work on constantly, and my wife is the complete opposite. She’s the most giving, thoughtful, and least-selfish person I’ve ever known. But for our wedding day, we did what we wanted and we didn’t worry about anyone else, even our families. I don’t mean to sound harsh, but this is one of the only days that’s really to celebrate you and your spouse and your love. And I just don’t think a lot should get in the way of that. (Footnote: I understand this may not be as easy of a decision if families have chipped in to help with the wedding cost. We didn’t have that consideration for our wedding so it was an easier decision for us.) –Gen

Go inexpensive on the dress. I am so glad I bought mine off the $100 rack. Honestly, the alterations cost more than the dress. I wish I had looked for one that just FIT for $100!! Not to mention, there is no way for your guests to know if your dress was from a resale shop (I know at least one person who did this) on sale, or cost the down payment of your home. Also, veils are worn for a short period of time, and I know some women spend over a grand on the veil alone. I’m glad I didn’t stretch our budget for mine.

I loved our rehearsal dinner for the fact that it reflected my husband and my personality as a couple. We decided to make it low key and casual are a BBQ joint in Iowa and I would do the same all over again.  –Ali G.

Do Over:

One thing I should have done is tried on my dress when I picked it up.  I was told that there was no need for a “fitting” or to try it on, and that I should just take it and go.  Well, it turned out that the seamstress had messed up the bustle and it didn’t work on my wedding day! I had to try to party with a full train, and needless to say, the dress ended up ripping pretty badly. –Jen

I wish we had videoed our wedding! We got married before the video trend and felt having a nice photo book would suffice. Ten years later and we both remember the day a little differently. We wish we could look back at loved ones we have since lost, or have a good laugh at a toast, dance move, etc. –Kim

One thing I definitely wish we had done is paid for our wedding photo album as part of our photography package. We assumed we would pay for and design the album after the wedding- but there just always seems to be something else we’ve needed to pay for since our wedding.  Now it’s almost three years later and still no wedding album! –Kristin

I wish we would have taken into consideration the predicted temperature for our wedding! I personally would have gone with something lighter/airier had I known it was going to be 100+ degrees! Also, looking back and now having been a part of other weddings, I would definitely either choose a dress color and allow bridesmaids to choose their dress style or choose the dress and let my bridesmaids choose their color.  Either way, I’m sure my bridesmaids would have appreciated being able to wear the dress again. –Ali G.

If we had it to do over, we’d have a better contract with our photographer. This could apply to any wedding vendor, but our only vendor was the photographer. The pictures turned out beautiful but we had quite a few communication issues on when the final pictures would be available to us after the wedding. It created unnecessary stress that could have been avoided if we’d just included some sort of deadline in the contract. Even though it can be uncomfortable to negotiate a vendor contract – particularly when the photographer is a talented amateur or someone just starting out – it would have avoided a lot of problems.

Our wedding was just us and some of my colleagues who helped arrange the wedding. None of our close friends were there, even those who lived in town. It was that simple. But in hindsight, I think we should have worked to include them in some way, be it a card with a picture after the wedding and a thank-you note for their friendship and support throughout the years, or some other little note that made it clear we love our friends and we appreciate their support so much. Just something to let our friends know that even though it was an extremely intimate wedding (really just us and the Judge), we didn’t lose sight of the support and love we have around us. –Gen

If I were to do it all over again, I would most definitely do more of an appetizer/drinks/dessert reception rather than a full sit down dinner. I love evening weddings and it’s much more fun to dance when your stomach isn’t stuffed from dinner! Also, while I LOVED visiting Greece for our honeymoon, I would likely select a closer destination post-wedding. A 14+ hour travel day right after a stressful wedding planning period led to a tearful breakdown in a Greek airport! –Becky

I felt the place where we overspent and could have saved was the flowers! I wanted the most beautiful flowers. After getting married, I realized, the flowers mattered but in the grand scheme, not so much. Also, there were other flowers that looked like my flowers I could have easily used for myself or my bridesmaids. I say spend on what you truly want and is important to you, your photos ( for me, memories), my gown (fashion is my life) etc. –Ali L.

Tell Us: What are your do again and do over wedding day decisions?

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