What Now? One Woman’s Take On The Aftermath Of Brexit


By Kirsten Parnell

On Thursday June 23, a referendum was held on whether the UK should remain part of the European Union. Of the 33.5 million people who turned out to vote, 51.9% voted to leave. To say this came as a shock is a huge understatement – which sounds crazy, I know. It was a referendum, it could only go one of two ways – surely we were prepared for a “Leave” vote on some level? Continue reading

8 Summer Date Night Ideas

Date Night

By De & Kate

We could write a list a mile long detailing all the reasons we love summer. Atop it, long days, warm nights, and easy entertainment. While the cooler seasons require a bit more creativity to map out an evening of fun, a barefoot stroll through the sand is all we need to satisfy our soul come summertime. Continue reading