#TBT: 10 Things We All Did At Sleepovers


By De and Kate

Back in middle and high school, Friday meant one thing (aside from TGIF of course): SLEEPOVER TIME. We can still remember packing our overnight duffel, rolling up the sleeping bag, choosing our favorite stuffed animal, and getting a ride from our parents to our BFF’s house. 

If your friend had a bigger house, you probably hung out in the basement. If not, you all huddled together in the bedroom, occasionally being told to “keep it down,” when your giggles reached an intolerable volume.

No matter what clique you fell into, sleepover activities were pretty much standard. Here are 10 things that we all did at basically every weekend sleepover (junk food required):

1. Played “Light as a Feather, Stiff as a Board.”


We can all recall the feeling of looking around the room thinking, “Is this working? Is this working?” PS, it does work and here’s why.

2. Ouija Board Shenanigans


“You’re moving it!” / “No you’re moving it!” Raise your hand if you have had this conversation. We were obsessed with this game as kids, but not necessarily for conjuring demons. We mostly wanted to know if Alex in math class liked us back.

3. Tried to summon spirits by playing “Bloody Mary.”


Okay, our generation was a little obsessed with ghosts I guess. Apologies to our parents who probably had heart attacks when they heard us shrieking with fear when one of our a-hole friends turned the lights off in the middle of this game.

4. Made prank phone calls.


And we always dialed *67 first.

5. Gave each other ~*fabulous*~ makeovers.


And then took a million pictures on our gigantic digital cameras.

6. Snuck into our parents’ liquor cabinet.


But usually only could find something disgusting like cooking sherry (which we drank anyway.)

7. Watched teen comedies.

Lizzie McGuire.gif

So many teen comedies. Simply put, if it featured Hilary Duff, Amanda Bynes, Lindsay Lohan, or the Olsen twins, we’ve seen it. Don’t ask us how many times.

8. Burned CDs and sang karaoke style for hours on end.

Zack Attack

We prided ourselves on being eclectic, with hour long tracks featuring Boyz II Men, Britney Spears, the Vitamin C Graduation Song, and of course, Zack Attack.

9. Overanalyzed details of our yearbook.


“Wait. Yours says we should hang out soon?! Mine only says HAGS. He definitely likes you.”

10. Played Truth or Dare.

Truth or Dare

Which lasted for approximately 2 rounds of truth, or all of 5 minutes, until someone was actually dared to do something and refused.

Photo by Allen Taylor on Unsplash