13 Makeup Tutorials To Help You Contour Like A Boss


By De Elizabeth

If it seems like everyone is contouring their makeup but you, don’t worry – you’re not alone. The trend, which has gained exposure and momentum thanks to the Kardashians and the Jenners, began picking up waves last year, but it’s a technique that’s actually been around since the 1500s, where actors in England would apply soot to their faces. Luckily, you don’t need to go out and look for dirt to highlight your cheekbones – you can just go to your local CVS (or if you’re feelin’ fancy, Sephora.) 

But contouring isn’t exactly easy – anyone who has tried it definitely felt like they were heading for a fail meme the first time. Luckily, we have an advantage over those 16th-century English actors: we have YouTube.

If you’ve never tried a makeup tutorial before, let this technique be your first advancement into the land of step-by-step video assistance. Here are 13 YouTube tutorials that can help you master the art of contouring just as well as a Kardashian:

1. Everyday contouring with drugstore products by GIA NASIM

2. Contour like an instagram pro by NIKKIE TUTORIALS

3. highlight/contour tutorial for every day by JAMEXICAN BEAUTY

4. Contouring made easy by ZUKREAT

5. How To Contour For Your Face Shape by NEWBEAUTY MAGAZINE

6. Extreme Contouring And Highlighting by SABRINA ANIJS

7.natural contouring: hd makeup tutorial by JORDAN LIBERTY

8. How To Contour and Highlight Using The Anastasia Contour Kit by ROSITA APPLEBUM

9. How to fake a nose job with contouring by NIKKIE TUTORIALS

10. How to bake your makeup for deeper skin tones by DANICA THEOBALD

11. Dot Contouring Tutorial by KATHERINE RODRIGUEZ

12. How to contour and highlight for beginners by JENNIFER CHIU

13. First Impressions: Beverly Hills Anastasia Contour Kit by MAKEUP DOLL

Tell Us: What tricks do you use to contour?

{featured image via we*heart*it}