#TBT: 6 Pieces Of Advice For Our Younger Selves

Advice For Our Younger Selves

By De and Kate

If you had a bowl cut or a pair of JNCO jeans, chances are you have at least two pieces of advice for your younger self:

1) Step away from the scissors

2) Stick with leggings

Considering that adolescence consists of more than unflattering hairstyles and fashion faux pas, we’ve got a few more words of wisdom we’ve collected over the years that, given the opportunity, we’d offer to our younger selves. 

Do more of what you love

While it’s tempting to follow the crowd, trend, or flow, it isn’t necessary. Trade doing what everyone else is doing for doing what brings you joy. If that means something ‘uncool’ like hanging out with your mom or writing short stories, so be it. Don’t give up who you are to fit in with your friends. Which brings us to our next bit of guidance…

Find friends that make you feel good

The beauty of friendship is that it’s chosen, not forced. You’ll encounter Regina George types in various forms and the good news is, you don’t have to be friends with them.

If you can only be one thing, be kind

The world can be a rough place to live. And so can high school. While it’s natural to want to be popular, beautiful, funny, and talented, it’s more important to be kind. You’re rarely as cool as you think you are, anyway.

Be okay with being okay

You won’t be good at everything, and that’s alright. To be honest, it’ll make choosing a college major and eventual career easier knowing that you suck at math. Not to mention, being in the middle of the pack (or sometimes closer to the bottom) will provide those cliché character building experiences, and you’ll learn to appreciate the B- that you had to bust your ass to earn.

Don’t Rush It Away

It can be tempting to think, “I wish I were older,” or, “When I’m X age, I’ll be…” but here’s the thing: you’ll always feel the same. And believe it or not, you’ll probably miss this, right now. You may think that you won’t, but you definitely will. 

Be informed

Sure, you’re just a kid, and your biggest problem right now is probably finishing that French homework or finding an outfit for the 8th grade dance. But it’s important to know what’s going in the world, and it’s good to have opinions about things. 

Come to think of it, this all still applies. The advice that might resonate with a teenager also resonates with us, right now. It’s important to follow passions. It’s good to surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Kindness is essential. We’re still not good at everything. Time moves quickly, so it’s important to stay present. And especially today, it’s imperative to know what’s happening in the world, and to care. So, even though things change, a lot still ends up staying basically the same. And we’re okay with that.

{featured image via Unsplash}