Currently: July 2016


By De and Kate

It’s that time again – time to share our favorite things of the month. Here’s everything we’re loving this July, from entertainment, to fashion, to food and drink: 


Country Music


There’s something about summertime in particular that has us favoring our current country playlist. For all the feels, we’re especially loving Dan + Shay’s From The Ground Up and if we’re in the mood to crank up the dial and belt it out, we turn to Maren Morris’ My Church.



Let’s be honest, Masterchef is not as good without Joe and Graham, but it’s still one of the best cooking competitions on TV. We love the mystery box challenges (when the contestants have to cook a dish based on whatever is under a crate at their cooking station) and the team challenges, but the best part of the show is obviously Gordon Ramsay yelling. “Donkey!!!”


Coastal Décor


We love the light and fresh feel of beach themed décor. Should we ever make our way onto HGTV’s Beachfront Bargain Hunters, we’ll already have envisioned and planned for a home complete with white beadboard walls paired with splashes of turquoise and assorted seashells.



It really seems like all of the trends from the early 2000’s are making their way back – including Birkenstocks. We’re okay with that – they are pretty damn comfy, and if the supermodels & fashion bloggers are wearing them (in public), we guess they are stylish too.


Fairlife Chocolate Milk


Yes. Apparently when you’re 30, you get excited about things like chocolate milk. Or perhaps, that’s just us. Either way, it’s delicious, and with no lactose, double the protein, and half the sugar of other brands, we feel okay about drinking it straight out of the carton (old habits die hard).

Organic Goldfish Crackers


Watch out, Annie’s Bunnies, because Goldfish is now also making organic crackers – and there’s the OG parmesan flavor. We can’t help going back to our little kid roots and eating these.

Tell Us: What are you currently loving this month?

Photo by Briana Tozour on Unsplash