Here’s Everything You Need To Know To Be Ready For The “Suits” Premiere


By Tamara Burgos

Warning! Spoilers ahead.

July 13th. Mark it on your calendar. Seriously. Do it. Now. Why?



If you’re not caught up in the madness that went down last season, I just found you an excuse not to leave your house on Friday night and have a Netflix binge-watch session (you’re welcome). If you’ve never watched Suits before, well you should.

Here’s the deets: Mike Ross, the ultimate lawyer who isn’t really a lawyer (but has the brain that every college student dreams of) returns to our screens. Let’s recap Season 5:

Harvey finally started seeing a therapist.


Harvey’s been burying plenty of issues under a huge pile of denial. Finally, Dr Paula Augard (Harvey’s therapist) got him to realize that it’s time to do something about them.

Donna was Louis’ secretary for about half the season, and it felt horribly wrong.


Perhaps Donna and Louis share their love for theatre and art, but I still missed Harvey and Donna’s epic dialogues and Donna calling him out for being a twat while showing off her emotional intelligence and uncanny mind-reading abilities. However, It was interesting to see her working with Louis and watching Harvey learning to survive without her.

Claire made an appearance.


Reminder: Years ago, Mike and Claire dated for like 5 minutes (She found out he lied about being in Law School at Columbia and dumped him). Claire came back for an episode and almost sold Mike out on his secret, but Rachel begged her not to. Still, Claire made us feel shivers down our spines when she warned Mike that he and Rachel would never be able to get away with getting married and keeping the secret. But Rachel said she’s not going anywhere.

Harvey and Donna almost said “I love you” to each other again… but didn’t.


We heard the big “I love you” back in Season 4. We heard it again in Season 5. But still, nada. There would be a lot on the line for them if they actually got involved in a serious, romantic relationship and it didn’t work out. But Harvey and Donna are so perfect together that it almost doesn’t make sense if they don’t give it a shot anytime soon.

Louis chose to save the firm and his friends/family for once.


SHOCKER. I know. Who would have thought that such a greedy rat would finally see the light and choose to be a decent human being?

Mike screwed up. Big time.


The moment we all feared (but knew was coming since Season 1) finally happened. Anita Gibbs, a ruthless federal prosecutor, exposed Mike and took the case to court. Everyone at Pearson Specter Litt went to great lengths to nullify the case. Kudos to the writers for this plot twist: Mike lost all hope of winning the case and in fear of dragging Harvey to prison with him, he settled for a two-year sentence.

But wait, it gets worse. Harvey talked to the president of the jury and found out that the verdict was favorable for Mike. Life, as we knew it in our favorite fictional law firm, is now a total chaos. NBD.

At this point, you’re hopefully as hyped and anxious to see what’s next as I am. This coming season, orange will be Mike’s new black.

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