Workout Wednesday: 4 Fitness Personalities We Love


By De & Kate

We’re officially in the Elle Woods camp on endorphins. We love the feeling we get just after a good sweat session, and knowing how much happier we’ll be post-workout is usually all the motivation we need to toss on our tennis shoes or roll out our yoga mats. Key word, usually.


For times that we’re lacking inspiration, (or is it fitspiration?) we look to these ladies to lead us through our workouts. While they each specialize in a different fitness genre – boot camp, yoga, and pilates – they share a similar positive energy and encouraging vibe. We love the empowering message they deliver, to build strength and create confidence.

Karena & Katrina (Tone It Up)

Cassey Ho (Blogilates)

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When I first saw this picture I was like…oh my gosh…I look so STRONG! 💪☺️ My arms and legs have never looked so PURPOSEFUL! Almost done with round 1 of #PIIT28 1.0 with you guys and I'm radiating with energy, happiness, and strength! I've also seen so much progress in my endurance and my physical appearance too! 😁 Ahh this is crazy because seriously after the bikini comp in 2012 it was hard for me to find a workout that could make me sweat. Nothing I did could change my body. In fact, anything I did made me balloon up. My metabolism was broken. And now…I've finally healed and I feel so UNSTOPPABLE! This is my jam! Congrats to all the #PIITprincesses out there who will be completing round 1 tomorrow! It's a big deal. This stuff ain't easy. But it's only 28 min and 40 sec a day and you need ZERO equipment! If you wanna start #PIIT28 1.0, we will all be doing round 2 beginning April 1st! Plus I'm adding in 2 BONUS VIDEOS – 1 ab workout and 1 strength training workout – on top of what you already get. It's more than just an ebook…it's a video library, the kindest community, and it's the thing that's changing my life personally right now. I FEEL SO GOOD and I don't wanna stop. Are you in? Sign up ⭐️⭐️ (link in bio).

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Adriene Mishler (Yoga With Adriene)

Kayla Itsines (BBG)

Added bonus: In the comfort of your own home, pajamas are totally acceptable workout attire.

{featured image via pexels}


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