I’ll Choose Love


By Kate

Whenever I’m feeling especially saddened by the news, which seems particularly common recently, I call my parents. I call them to express how I’m feeling, to hopefully receive a bit of comfort, and to ask what has become a familiar question in our conversations: “Has it always been this bad? This divisive? This hateful?”

Because while I know that the world has forever existed with varying levels of triumph and tragedy, of acceptance and prejudice, of joy and grief, it feels worse lately. And yet, if asked to define ‘lately’ I don’t know how I’d answer. Because I can’t remember a time that tensions didn’t feel high, that my Facebook and Twitter feeds weren’t filled with controversy and criticism, and that polarizing views and behaviors didn’t seem the norm.

To an extent, I get it. I’m a passionate person with deep rooted beliefs, so I understand that others are too. I can appreciate that our personal life experiences and relationships drive our feelings and in turn, our reaction to our feelings.

Yet to another extent, I don’t get it at all. I don’t understand the levels of criticism to any belief or lifestyle that is not our own. I can’t comprehend the need to relentlessly tear others down. And while I admittedly don’t have a magical answer in response to the horrific events of our world, I do with every bone in my body believe this: it isn’t hate. Even when I’m annoyed, shaking my head, and lacking all human comprehension of the world, and social media specifically, I know that I am capable of more than that.

And because I have no other or better solution, I’ll choose love. Sometimes that will look like prayer, even if others feel that prayer is not enough. Other times that will look like action, in being kind, fair, and forgiving. I will commit to showing up to each conversation and experience with patience and openness. And though I will inevitably fail, I will then try again with that same intention. To love, despite confusion and differences. Until the day I have a better answer, that will be my part.

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